Wii U Deluxe 32 GB video game console versus Wii U Basic 8 GB video game console


If you are looking at buying a Wii U console you are probably wondering if you should buy the Wii U 32GB console or the Wii U 8 GB console. The first difference you will notice between the two consoles is price. The 32GB version is usually around $50 more expensive than the 8 GB version.

Both the 32 GB and 8 GB consoles come with the same accessories. So how can you decide if you should spend the extra $50 dollars for the 32GB version? To answer that question you need to think about how you intend to use the Wii U.


According to the Nintendo the 8 GB console will have approximately 3 GB of useable memory. The remaining memory is taken up by the operating system and pre-intstalled software (similar to how it would work on your home computer). This unit if ideal for people who plan on buying their games retail.  The Wii U 8 GB console has enough available memory to store save data for large numbers of games along with a limited amount of download activity. If you plan on using it to download entire games you will probably run out of memory and need to purchase an additional hard drive. These hard drives can be $100 or more. So if you know prior to buying your Wii U that the 8GB version won’t give you sufficient memory you will probably be better served by spending the additional $50 and purchasing the 32GB model.

If you have already taken the plunge and purchased a 8GB Wii U only to find you you need additional memory, here are some external hard drives that have been tested and are recommended by Nintendo:

1 TB: HD-LB1.0TU3-US
2 TB: HD-LB2.0TU3-US
Seagate – Backup Plus Desktop Drive
1TB : STCA1000100 (US)
2TB : STCA2000100 (US)
Seagate – Expansion Desktop
1TB : STBV1000100 (US)
2TB : STBV2000100 (US)
1 TB: HDWC110XK3J1
2 TB: HDWC120XK3J1

The 32 GB console has approximately 25 GB of useable memory and is ideal for people who will be anticipating more download activity. Not only can the Wii U 32 GB console accommodate the save data for your games, but you also have enough room to download entire games on your console. Even with this larger amount of available memory it is still possible to run out of space if you download enough games to your console.  In those situations you will eventually need to look at some of the external hard drive options mentioned above.

Whats is in the box

Other than the differences in memory both versions of the Wii U come with:

  • Wii U GamePad
  • Wii U GamePad Stylus
  • Sensor bar
  • Wii U console AC adapter
  • Wii U GamePad AC adapter
  • HDMI® cable

The Wii U Deluxe 32 GB console comes with the following extras that the 8 GB version does not:


If you plan on doing lots of downloading the Wii U Deluxe 32 GB video game console is probably the one for you. That is especially true if you are interested in the Nintendo Land video game. On the other hand, if you don’t intend on downloading games and if you don’t like Nintendo Land then the Wii U Basic 8 GB video game console should suit your needs just fine – for a lower price.

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