Victure HC300 Trail Camera Review

Victure has a reputation for making value priced trail cameras. Typically, many of their trail cameras have been of the entry-level variety and geared toward budget conscious consumers. While this is all true, let’s be clear that even though Victure trail cameras are competitively priced they are usually equipped with great features, especially when compared to similarly priced cameras from other manufacturers.

With the No products found., Victure has a trail camera that is a small step above entry level pricing, which makes it come in well below the $100 mark, However, the HC300 competes with many of the more expensive feature laden models that are considered to be “top of the line”.

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Looking for High End Trail Camera Features on a Budget?

The Victure HC300 has put many of the high-end performance features in reach of the budget conscious consumers. Not every trail camera will have every high-end feature, especially if the manufacturer wants to have it be priced competitively. So tough decisions needed to be made regarding which features to include. Here are the features Victure wanted to focus on with the HC300:

  • High MP Camera with HD video
  • No-Glow flash
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Time lapse feature

Will the HC300 meet the needs of everyone? Probably not. No camera does. However, if you think about your needs and how you plan on using the camera our review of the features below you will see if it is a good fit for you. If you are like most people it probably will.

Introducing the Victure HC300 Trail Camera

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No products found.

Starting with its impressive 20Mp camera, the Victure HC300 comes loaded with several high-end features. To make it even better it has a competitive price that beats most similarly equipped models.

To help avoid any confusion we need to clear something up. Victure originally released the HC300 with a 16MP camera. Then they updated and improved it adding the 20MP camera along with some other things. Instead of giving it a new name and model number they continued calling this new and improved version HC300. This is why you might see both 16MP and 20MP HC300’s out there available for purchase. We are reviewing the 20MP version of the HC300.


  • 20MP camera
  • 1080p video recording with audio
  • Fast 0.3 second trigger speed
  • Time lapse photo option
  • 2″ color viewing screen
  • Great price


  • Flash range only approximately 65 feet

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Review of Key Features


The HC300 can capture full 1080p HD resolution video. This has become the norm for most trail cameras. So the HC300 doesn’t stand out from the competition one way or the other here.

The camera can take 20 megapixel pictures. These days the 10 to 12 megapixel range is currently the entry point for most modern trail cameras. So the HC300, with its’ 20MP camera, distinguishes itself as a great performer in this area.

Yes, there are a few trail cameras out there with cameras that can capture images of more than 20MP. There are also a few models out there that can capture 4K video, which would be the next step up from 1080p. However, if you step up to one of those models you will need to pay a higher price than you will with the HC300.

Motion Sensor

The 90° detection angle on the motion sensor will easily meet most people’s needs.

You can find some trail cameras with a wider detection angle than the Victure HC300, but a camera that has a PIR sensor with a wider detection angle, or multiple PIRs will increase the price. So unless you need to post a camera in a location that requires it to capture images over a very wide area you will probably be happy holding on to that extra money.

Trigger Speed

The trigger speed of 0.3 seconds on this Victure trail camera is very good. When you consider that the fastest trigger speeds now come in at less than 0.1 seconds the HC300 is pretty fast and actually not that far behind some of the higher priced trail camera options.


The HC300 comes with 38 No Glow infrared LEDs and while the flash range isn’t listed in the documentation you should expect that they will have a range of 65 feet. On one hand, the no glow flash is a higher end feature and allows the trail camera to be used for security or surveillance purposes. On the other hand, a flash range of 65 feet is pretty much an entry level distance. Know that you can find trail cameras that have no glow flash with a longer range, but they will probably cost more than this one.

That being said, the 65 foot flash range will meet the needs of most people. If it meets your needs too, feel good knowing that you aren’t buying something you don’t need and get to keep some extra money in your pocket.

Input for External 6V Power Supply

If you plan on leaving it unattended for long periods of time you might be interested in finding an alternative way to power your trail camera. So it is good to know that the HC300 has an input for an external 6-volt power supply.

Having the option to use an external battery box or solar panel for your trail camera will allow you to leave it in the field for long periods of time without having to worry about it running out of power. The one downside of using an external battery box or solar panel with your trail camera is that it can make the camera easier for thieves to spot.

Time Lapse Feature

The HC300 comes with a time lapse feature, which is another nice bonus.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, let’s explain why you might want to have a timelapse feature on a trail camera. If you have ever placed a trail camera on the edge of a field or other large open area you know that even though the camera is capable of capturing images from a long distance it can miss a lot of activity that is further away because the motion sensor doesn’t have a long enough detection range. The time lapse feature allows the camera to help give you information about that activity by taking pictures at specified regular intervals.

Yes, this means that you will have to sort through a lot of empty pictures, but you will also get a lot of information that otherwise might have missed. It is also worth pointing out that this feature is only helpful during the day since trail cameras don’t have a flash that can illuminate objects that are much beyond the range of their motion sensors. It is also worth noting the when using the HC300’s time lapse feature the motion sensor will be disabled. In other words, if something comes into the camera’s normal detection range the camera will not trigger as it normally would. It will only take pictures at the intervals you specify.

LCD Screen

The HC300 comes with a 2″ color LCD screen, which will help you to easily set up the camera and allow you the option to preview pictures in the field.

Image Stamp

Like most other trail cameras out there, the HC300 has an image stamp that provides important information about when the picture or video was captured. It lists temperature, moon phase, time, and date. Having an image stamp is considered to be pretty much standard with most cameras today, but it is good to see that it is included.

Memory Card

The HC300 uses SD cards (up to 32 GB). We view using the standard (physically larger) SD cards as a definite plus for any trail camera.

Thanks to their larger dimensions the standard SD cards are easier to get in and out of trail cameras in the field, especially when you are doing it in the cold weather.


In addition to the features we have already talked about, the price of the Victure HC300 is another big selling point. Regardless of whether or not it is on sale the HC300 is usually priced well below $100, which is terrific when you consider the features that are included. You can check the current price here.

Other Options

TOGUARD H85 WiFi Trail Camera

No products found.Priced a little bit more than the Victure HC300 the No products found. also comes with a 20MP camera and is equipped with WiFi so you can easily connect to the camera to change the settings or check the pictures even if it is posted in an elevated or other difficult to access location. One thing this camera DOESN’T have that the Victure does is no glow flash. If you need to have no glow flash you might want to stick with the HC300. You can learn more about the TOGUARD H85 here.

APEMAN H55 Trail Camera

APEMAN H55 Trail Camera

Another trail camera that we have reviewed is the APEMAN H55. The APEMAN H55 20MP trail camera has almost the same exact features as the Victue HC300 and is usually similarly priced. The main difference between the two cameras is that the APEMAN H55 has a slower trigger speed of 0.5 seconds as compared to the 0.3 second trigger speed found on the HC300. You can compare the two cameras to see if one is currently priced a lot less than the other, but if they are priced the same we would probably stick with the Victure and its faster trigger speed. You can learn more about the APEMAN H55 and check its price here.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up the Victure HC300 is a terrific trail camera with a lot of high end features. With its 20MP camera and no glow flash the HC300 will perform well as you scout for that perfect hunting location and can also work well as a security camera. Plus, with its affordable price you could even consider buying more than one.

You can learn more about the Victure HC300 and check the current price No products found..

Still not sure? If you are someone who is looking to buy your first trail camera you might want to see our trail camera buying guide to familiarize yourself with some of the features and options that are available on trail cameras today.

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