Buying a Wii U Console Will Save You Money If You Already Own a Wii Console

Do you have a Wii and are now thinking of purchasing one of the new video game consoles like the Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, or PlayStation 4, but you are unsure which one you want to buy? Well, I have something new for you to think about. The controllers.

Most people focus on the cost of the systems they are looking at purchasing. We often get overwhelmed as we look at the different bundles that are being offered and deciding how much memory we need the unit to have and if we want/need the motion sensor. So it is no surprise that we usually don’t think about the cost of controllers – thinking that cost will remain the same regardless of what console we decide to go with, but unfortunately, that is not the case – especially if you are looking at getting the Wii U.

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