7 Things to Remember to Buy the Best Hoverboard

7 Things to Remember to Buy the Best HoverboardOne of the things that is high on the wish list of many young people for birthdays and Christmas is hoverboards. However, when you start looking into buying a hoverboard, whether it is for yourself or someone else, you might feel like a fish out of water.

You might also remember news stories in the the past of hoverboards overheating and catching on fire, which only makes the process of selecting a hoverboard to buy feel even more daunting.

So what do you need to know to find a quality hoverboard that won’t catch on fire, has the features you are looking for, and won’t break your budget.

What Are Hoverboards And What Do They Do?

I really wish I could tell you that hoverboards, which are also called self balancing scooters, on sale today were like what we saw in “Back to the Future”, but they are not.

Instead of actually floating above the ground hoverboards are like mini-segways without any handlebars. Once you get on the hoverboard you can just lean forward to glide forward and lean back to go in reverse.

Know That Where You Live Matters

Before taking the plunge and buying a hoverboard for yourself or someone else you should check out the local laws where you (or the person you will be buying it for) will be using it. Some cities have strict limitations as to where you can ride a hoverboard.

Why Were Hoverboards Catching on Fire in the Past?

Most of the problems people were reporting stemmed from faulty batteries. Some of those problems might have been to poor quality control with some models. You must remember that at the time when people were reporting hoverboards exploding or catching on fire some manufacturers were having a hard time keeping up with demand and basically couldn’t make them fast enough.

Other manufacturers simply weren’t using high-quality batteries, instead opting for lower cost batteries.

In any case, those days are in the past and steps have been taken to make sure that consumers are buying hoverboards with the high-quality batteries they expect. We will explain more about this in a minute.

So what do you need to consider when buying a hoverboard? Continue reading our buying guide to see our top 7 tips to make you a well informed hoverboard shopper.

7 Things to Remember When Buying a Hoverboard

#7 Think About Which Cool Extra’s You Want on the Hoverboard

There are all kinds of extras and options to consider when buying a hoverboard. Things you can get or consider include:

  • Colors and finishes
  • Taller/bigger wheels
  • Bluetooth speakers to connect to and play music from your smartphone
  • LED headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Learning mode for new riders
  • Higher top speeds
  • Water resistant models
  • Longer range models (models that can travel a longer distance between charges)

#6 Don’t Chase the Lowest Price

Quality hoverboards, much like other products, use quality components and quality components aren’t cheap. So if you all you focus on is the lowest price you will run the risk that you will end up with a hoverboard that won’t last.
That being said, there are still ways to avoid paying top dollar for a hoverboard. Identify which features you want and which features you can live without. Avoiding hoverboards with extra features is a sure way to save some money.

#5 How Big is the Person Who will Be Riding the Hoverboard?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to hoverboards. You need to look at the weight and height restrictions for each hoverboard you are considering.

You will see some hoverboards that are build for children or smaller adults. These hoverboards will be smaller (including footpads designed for smaller feet) and might have less powerful batteries and motors. Sometimes they might also have smaller wheels than the 6.5 inch wheels that are commonly found on so many models. You will also find that hoverboards built for younger or newer riders will also have a learning mode and will often have a lower top speed. It’s also important to note that there a minimum size requirements on hoverboards as well. Ignoring these minimum requirements might put the rider at increased risk of injury.

There are also hoverboards that are build with larger adults in mind. They will be wider, have larger footpads, and sometimes will have bigger wheels. You will also find that many times they will have bigger batteries and more powerful motors. Plus, these hoverboards will often have a higher top speed. Not surprisingly, these hoverboards are going to be more expensive, which can feel frustrating, but getting a hoverboard that is built for for the size of the rider will last longer and probably be safer as well.

Another thing you need to think about is the weight of the hoverboard because the person using the hoverboard will need to be able to lift or carry it as needed. Many hoverboards are in the 20-25 pound range. However, if you buy a hoverboard that was designed for a 220+ lb. adult it can easily weight more than 30 lbs and odds are it might be a bit heavy for a 12 year old to carry. That is another reason we say there is no one size fits all when it comes to hoverboards.

#4 Think About Wheel Size

Which Wheels?The standard wheel size for most models is in the 6.5 – 7 inch range and this is fine for sidewalks and paved surfaces, which is how most people use their hoverboards. However, if you plan on riding the hoverboard on grass and other rougher surfaces you probably want to consider buying one with larger wheels. Many of these off-road models will have wheels that range between 8.5-12 inches. These taller wheels not only provide more ground clearance, but they will also have more aggressive tread. Both of these things are important when you are not riding a hoverboard on smooth surfaces.

If you are thinking about getting one of these “off-road” models be prepared to spend a bit more money. In addition to having larger wheels these models will often also have larger motors, bigger batteries, and water resistance (all of which are good things).

#3 See What Other People Have to Say

If you aren’t sure if you picking a good model check out online reviews at places like Amazon.com. There is no product out there that has a perfect rating and makes everyone completely happy. That being said, it is good to hear what other people say about the pros and cons for a given product. Plus, sometimes you might learn something about the product’s features that you didn’t know before.

When looking at online reviews the higher the average rating the better. You also should feel good if there are a lot of reviews. Typically the more reviews you see the more confident you can feel in the average ratings for a product. If you only see a handful of reviews for a particular product the average rating can get greatly influenced just a couple of really high or low reviews and those reviews might not be reflective of what a larger number of customers might report (good or bad).

If you see a something with a lot of reviews that has a rating of 4 out of 5 or better you should feel fairly certain that you are looking at a quality product.

#2 Check the Warranty

Companies that make quality products stand behind those products. So another good idea is to check out the warranty information for the hoverboard before you buy it. The two things you want to look for in a warranty is the length of the warranty and what is covered under the warranty. Obviously a longer warranty that covers more things will give you more peace of mind about your purchase.
In addition to checking out the warranty it is also a good idea to know the return policy of the retailer you are purchasing it from. If you are buying the hoverboard online you will want to make sure the online retailer has a solid return policy like Amazon.com

# 1 Get a Hoverboard That is UL 2272 Certified

UL 2272 CertificationThe UL 2272 certification came in response to hoverboards that were overheating, catching fire, or exploding due to electrical problems a few years ago. The last thing you want to worry about when buying a hoverboard is the possibility of it overheating and catching on fire.

Consumers who purchase a hoverboard that is UL 2272 certified can rest easy knowing that the hoverboard has an electrical drive train system including the battery system, other circuitry and electrical components that are deemed safe. If you are thinking about buying a hoverboard that doesn’t have this certification our advice to you would be to RUN THE OTHER WAY!

If you only pay attention to one thing on our list make sure this is it. Any good hoverboard will have this certification and proudly tell you that it does. Many retailers refuse to sell hoverboards that are not UL 2272 approved, but it is still good to know the importance of this certification in case you run into a model that doesn’t have it.


Hopefully this list of 7 things to remember helped prepare you to find the perfect hoverboard for yourself or whoever you are shopping for. However, you want to always remember that there are risks associated with using hoverboards – just like there are risks for using other equipment such as bikes, skates, and other motorized equipment. So always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the safe of use and don’t forget to wear the appropriate safety equipment.

Image Credit: www.soarboards.com

Bestselling Hoverboards on Amazon

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hiboy J5 Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with Steering Bar, Smart Self-Balancing Hoverboards with APP Control, White and Black
75 Reviews
Hiboy J5 Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with Steering Bar, Smart Self-Balancing Hoverboards with APP Control, White and Black
  • SAFE & STABLE: Certificated with UL 2272, this self-balancing electric scooter meets high standards for fire and electrical safety. Smart BMS and self-balancing technology ensures stable operation and battery performance.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & POWERFUL: Hiboy self-balancing electric scooter J5 is compact and lightweight, weighing only 25 Ibs with a max load of 220 Ibs. Equipped with dual 350W motors, J5 can easily reach a max speed of 10mph.
  • EASY TO LEARN: Beginners are advised to set a minimum speed of 5mph. Excellent self-balancing techniques make most people easily master this scooter. Knee control bar for precise steering let your hands free.
  • FUN FOR LIFE: Download Hiboy-J5 APP for speed adjustment, mile record, light control, vehicle self-diagnose, and more. J5 Self-balancing scooter makes it more fun for kids and adults.
  • WARMING NOTES: Please follow the front and back steering directions in the picture while riding. Please peel off the transparent film of the foot mat at first when you start to ride. Please inflate the tire to 30psi before your first riding. Inflate both tires equally.
Bestseller No. 2
Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with LED light, Portable and Powerful, White
  • Safety Priority : UL 2272 certification ensures Ninebot S meets high standards for fire and electrical safety. The Smart Battery Management System provides reliable battery performance. IP54 waterproof protection ensures operation in various weathers
  • Sturdy & Powerful : Ninebot S is compact, weighting just 28 lbs with a max load of 220 lbs. Thanks to the dual 400W motors, it can easily reach a max speed of 10 mph. A single fully charged battery can run up to 13. 7 miles, climbing a max slope of 15°
  • POLICO 10.5" pneumatic tires provide a comfortable and smoother ride on bumpy roads. Knee control bar allows for precise steering and easy lifting. Applicable Age 16 – 50 years. Applicable Height - 3.11 – 6.6 Inch
  • Intelligent App Management : Download the Segway app for anti-theft function, speed limit and adjustment, vehicle self-diagnose, firmware upgrade, Ambient Light, vehicle remote control and more.
  • Quality Assurance: The Ninebot S is sturdy and durable. One-year or 180-day for different parts, please refer to information in product details below, contact us at [email protected] if you have any problems. Charging Temperature-32-104° F(0-40°C)
SaleBestseller No. 3
EVERCROSS Hoverboard, Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard with Seat Attachment, 6.5" Hover Board Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights, Hoverboards Suit for Kids
  • HOVERBOARD FOR ADULTS & KIDS - Equipped with a high-end battery for cruising range up to 7-10 miles, that is to say, under load 220lbs (Max Load) driving conditions, EVERCROSS hoverboard speed up to 6-9MPH.(This data is based on a full charge with no additional load, and the speed will decrease as the battery power decreases or the load increases.)
  • HOVERBOARD BLUETOOTH SPEAKER & GLOW WHEELS & LED LIGHTS - Hoverboard born with the 2022 newest design, featuring two dynamic and attractive LED lights that can also illuminate the road ahead at night. Connect to your hover board stereo high quality speaker via bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music while riding. Ultimate comfort, wonderful experience.
  • HOVERBOARD + COMFTABLE SEAT ATTACHMENT - The adult hoverboard equipped with four 4th generation gyro sensors, which brings safe and cozy driving fun. Plus the EVERCROSS hoverboard seat attachment is well designed and developed for self-balancing scooter, EVERCROSS hoverboard combo is ideal gift for kids.
  • SAFETY HOVERBOARDS- Built-in gyro stabilization system makes it easier and safer for both novice and professional riders. Flexible forward and backward, turn, 360° rotation and balance, let you quickly become a dazzling rider star.
  • MULTI-SAFETY PROTECTION & IDEAL GIFT DESIGN - EVERCROSS hoverboard is crafted with ABS polymer, 6.5" solid tires and non-slip pedals, integrated battery overload protection and engine safety control system, all of our effort for maximum safety, duration and fun. Please assured get it, Ideal creative gifts for beloved.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Segway Ninebot S Kids, Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with LED Light, Designed for Children, Real-time Riding Protection Reminder, Compatible with Mecha kit
103 Reviews
Segway Ninebot S Kids, Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with LED Light, Designed for Children, Real-time Riding Protection Reminder, Compatible with Mecha kit
  • Designed for Children: From size to material selection, the Ninebot S Kids is optimized for children, giving them the best riding experience. The ninebot S kids delivers a speed of up to 8.7 mph, a max range of 8 miles. Recommended age is 8+years old.
  • Reliable quality, Safe, and Guaranteed: 15-fold safety assurance technology strictly selects global high-quality components-4 rigorous tests guarantee, 4 types of smart voice reminders, 4 smart protection mechanisms, and 3 core high-standard components.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Real-time intelligent voice safety reminder. Slow down and be careful. Keep your baby safe. You can use your mobile phone to connect the S Kids via Bluetooth. Let's ride with your phone music! Ride slow especially when you’re reversing.
  • Comfortable & Easy to Learn: 8.5-inch Non-slip and maintenance-free solid tires, easy to move forward in different scenarios. Ninebot live voice teaching system and Large-area pedal, easier to learn, stand and safer. Applicable height is 3’6”–5’9”.
  • Quality Assurance: Connect to the Segway-Ninebot App and learn more about riding status. Free choice of three riding modes to control the safe riding speed of your baby. Please find below product details and contact us if you have any questions.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Gotrax NOVA PRO Hoverboard with LED 6.5" Offroad Tires, Music Speaker and 6.2mph & 5 Miles, UL2272 Certified, Dual 200W Motor and 93.6Wh Battery All Terrain Self Balancing Scooters for Kids Adults
  • POWERFUL JOYRIDING - GOTRAX Hoverboards get their popularity from innovative designs, and reliable quality. Featuring Dual 200 Watt Motors, and a Max Speed of 6.2mph the GOTRAX NOVA PRO can support up to 176lbs.
  • PLAYING LONGER TIME - The new design of the GOTRAX NOVA PRO is extremely energy efficient using a 36V 2.6 Ah battery it can ride up to 5miles on a single charge under Ideally (the actual performance will be affected by user's weight, road). equipped with self-balancing control system to go straight, make a turn, rotate for 360 degrees locally and is operated at will.
  • SAFETY SCOOTER - GOTRAX hoverboards have passed the strict electrical, battery and charger systems tested, and approved UL2272 safety certification to ensure safety. GOTRAX hoverboards floor is affixed with a unique UL certification label.
  • 6.5" LED WHEELS - The GOTRAX NOVA PRO features cool LED lit wheels that light up the night. the 6.5inch size creates a smoother ride and makes the hoverboard easier to control.
  • A SURPRISE FOR KIDS - This hoverboard isn’t just for kids! It can be a thoughtful and unique gift for your friends and family. It's a fun surprise and can carry riders of all sizes up to 176 lbs.
SaleBestseller No. 6
SISIGAD Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12, with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker and 6.5" Colorful Lights Wheels, Safety Certified Self Balancing Scooter Gift for Kids
  • ★ Hoverboard met UL2272 Safety Standard - All SISIGAD Hoverboards shipped from the US, and have passed the strict electrical tests and meet Ul2272 standards to ensure safety.
  • ★Self-Balancing Technology - SISIGAD Hoverboard EASY to learn for an inexperienced rider. 6.5” non-slip sturdy rubber tires ensure lasting smooth rides on the road.
  • ★ Cool Colorful Lights - Wheels with Flashing Lights headlights and sensitive turn signal lights, also give you a unique experience.
  • ★ Hoverboard with the Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Provide stereo surround sound. Ride SISIGAD hoverboard you'll be able to enjoy your favorite songs whenever (and wherever).
  • ★ Excellent Gift for Child - Ideal gift and toy for your children. This hoverboard gives children more joy and freedom. It is an excellent gift for your children.
Bestseller No. 7
INMOTION V5F Electric Unicycle for Adults – 14-Inch One Wheel Balance Bike – 15.6mph Self Balancing Electric Scooter – Lightweight and Slim – Compact Design Ideal for Beginners
20 Reviews
INMOTION V5F Electric Unicycle for Adults – 14-Inch One Wheel Balance Bike – 15.6mph Self Balancing Electric Scooter – Lightweight and Slim – Compact Design Ideal for Beginners
  • Enjoy A Unique Ride: Tired of spending countless hours in traffic every morning on your way to and from work? Looking for an eco-friendly, fun transportation alternative that will greatly improve your life quality? The InMotion V5F unicycle for adults is exactly what you need for a unique riding experience!
  • Designed for Beginners: The V5F unicycle electric wheel is based on an innovative design which provides a smooth, easy to learn experience for first timers and beginners. The ultra-slim compact design with fold-up trolley handle and anti-spin button make it your ideal traveling companion for office, gym, school or restaurant, requiring no parking space!
  • Longer Battery Autonomy and Powerful Motor: Unlike similar products on the market, this motorized unicycle comes equipped with a state of the art powerful 550W motor that delivers a speed range of up to 15.6 miles per hour. The 320WH built-in battery has a charging time of 3.5 hours and provides an autonomy of up to 21.8-25 miles, perfect for your various everyday needs.
  • Affordable Price, Smarter Features: The InMotion V5F one-wheel electric bike reduces fuel and maintenance costs around the city, at the same time contributing to a healthier environment. We compromised on nothing when it comes to safety and smart features: the bright headlight and accent lights allow excellent nighttime visibility, while the available smart app allows calibration, upgraded firmware, diagnostic run, live status checks and much more!
  • Smooth and Safe Rides: Featuring a 14-inch premium grade wheel, with 18-degree upslope hill climbing and maximum admitted weight of 265 pounds, this balance bike ensures a smooth and fun ride, being highly comfortable and easy to manage. The soft leg pads protect the rider’s legs, while its compact dimensions mean increased responsiveness and portability.
Bestseller No. 8
Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter, Bluetooth APP Management Self Balancing Scooter with LED Lights, Sport Mode and Easier to Ride, Self Balance Electric Scooter for All People (Safety Upgrade) (White)
27 Reviews
Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter, Bluetooth APP Management Self Balancing Scooter with LED Lights, Sport Mode and Easier to Ride, Self Balance Electric Scooter for All People (Safety Upgrade) (White)
  • ✔️【Special Desigin】Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter, which set BlueTooth App control, adjust LED light's colors, sport mode, sensitivity, firmware update etc. Search and download APPs "FOTBOT" from App store. Self Balancing Scooter moving directions controlled by your body balance, your body center of gravity more forward, the hoverboard will forward.
  • ✔️【Sturdy & Powerful】Self Balance Electric Scooter has 250W dual motors that can speed up to 9 miles per hour to climb slopes as steep as 15 degrees, max weigh capacity 220lbs, achieve up to 8 miles per charge. Over 10-mile range on a single charge and battery provide comprehensive battery safety protection.
  • ✔️【Long Distance】36-Volt Lithium-ion battery provides longer range and playing time compared with 24 volts. BMS battery management system, comprehensive battery safety protection.
  • ✔️【Protection & Safety】Frontlights and flashing wheel makes travel safer, customizable LED taillights provides high rear visibility for both daytime and night time. When you play in dark place, it helps you confirm the direction, safe and stable. Non-slip foot pads allow you to keep stability and traction.
  • ✔️【Intelligent App Management】Self Balance Scooter build-in Bluetooth App control, adjust LED lights' colors, sport mode, monitor battery status, firmware update and sensitivity, etc (Please search and download "FOTBOT" at App store, then you can connect the Smart Self Balancing Scooter).
SaleBestseller No. 9
Gotrax NOVA Hoverboard with 6.5" LED Wheels, Max 3.1 Miles & 6.2mph Power by Dual 200W Motor, LED Fender Light/Headlight,UL2272 Certified & 65.52Wh Battery Self Balancing Scooter for 44-176lbs(Blue)
  • POWERFUL RIDES-ON - GOTRAX Hoverboards get their popularity from innovative design and reliable quality. Features Dual 200 Watt Motors, and a Max Speed of 6.2mph. GOTRAX NOVA can support up to 176lbs.
  • EXTENDED PLAYING TIME - GOTRAX NOVA is extremely energy efficient using a 25.2V 2.6 Ah battery it can ride up to 3.1 Miles on a single charge. Nova equipped with self-balancing control system to go straight, make a turn, rotate in place and can be operated at will. Travel distance depends on user's weight, terrains and so on.
  • SAFE HOVERBORD - GOTRAX hoverboards have passed a series of strict system of tests, include electrical, battery and charger tests, and approved by UL2272 safety certification to ensure safety. Each GOTRAX hoverboard back is affixed with a unique UL certification label.
  • 6.5" LED WHEELS - The GOTRAX NOVA features cool LED light wheels in the shape of the GOTRAX Logo, it can light up at night. The 6.5" led wheels creates a smooth and comfortable ride and makes the hoverboard easier to control.
  • A BIG SURPRISE - This hoverboard isn’t just for kids! It can be a thoughtful and unique gift for your friends and family. It's a fun surprise. You can even enjoy a fun race with your friends in the park.
Bestseller No. 10
INMOTION V8F Electric Unicycle, 16-inch One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter for Adults Smart Electric Wheel with LEDs Built-in Speaker Battery HD Display Max Speed 22mph
31 Reviews
INMOTION V8F Electric Unicycle, 16-inch One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter for Adults Smart Electric Wheel with LEDs Built-in Speaker Battery HD Display Max Speed 22mph
  • Unique Riding Experience: This premium unicycle for adults is designed with a 1000W motor that can deliver up to 80nm torque force, which can reach a speed of 22mph and climb hills with a slope of maximum 30-degree. Different ways to riding, makes commute and travel will be so much fun.
  • High-Performance: This professional unicycle electric wheel features a built-in battery with a 4.5hours charging time and can last up to 34.0-37.5 miles. Our battery system consist of the premium LG cells which assures the battery safety and extends the battery life.
  • Portable & Safe: The INMOTION V8F electric unicycle has an ergonomic design with continuous carving that blends with a suitcase-like handlebar for portability and easy handling. The unicycle comes with front and rear lights responsive to braking, so you can enjoy a safe riding both night and day.
  • Smart Functions: Our electric unicycle one wheel comes with side LED lights and a built-in audio speaker that can be controlled via our app. Also, it has an intelligent safety tilt back and audio warnings for optimal riding within mechanical limitations and a HD display that indicates the battery status while riding.
  • Quality Assurance & Delivery: INMOTION V8F is designed to be performant and durable. One-year or 180 days guarantee for different parts, and our professional customer service reply you within 24hours.

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