MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera Review


MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera

Many trail camera users are used to devices that fall short when it comes to capturing high-quality images, rapid response times, or offering convenient access to footage. The MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera steps in as a solution to these common problems. It not only delivers crystal-clear 4K imagery and rapid shot capture but also simplifies the way users interact with their device through integrated WiFi connectivity while providing users access to several other high end features.

This review will give a quick summary of the MRSCRET trail camera as well as take a deep dive into its features as we highlight how this MRSCRET trail camera can significantly improve your monitoring and wildlife tracking efforts.

MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera
  • 【Exceptional Clarity】Elevate your wildlife observations with stunning 4K resolution videos and captivating 60MP photo resolution. The built-in 2.0-inch color LCD screen allows you to watch more vivid images and clear videos anytime, anywhere. Our trail camera ensures top-tier image quality to kickstart your journey, we're including a complimentary 32GB memory card. This is the perfect choice as a gift for men, wildlife lovers, friends and family.
  • 【WIFI Connection + APP Control 】Support remote,real time the APP 'TrailCam Go', manually connect your phone with the trail cam's built-in wifi or connect them via bluetooth (the WIFI is only used to connect the phone to the camera, unable to browse the web). You can easily set the parameters and save images or videos from the trail camera to your phone through the APP. Warm tips: the connection of the WIFI has a distance limit (about 32FT in open area).
  • 【120° Wide angle & Concealment】 120° sensors detection angle provide broader detecting scope.each detected movement will be captured swiftly and precisely. Which can monitor and shoot a wide range of fauna, with a broader field of view. camouflage appearance design, can make the camera better can be hidden in the forest, not to disturb the animals.
  • 【70FT Clear Night Vision】Mrscret trail camera equipped with 46PCS 940NM infrared leds range 70FT(22M). With 3 passive infrared sensors produces detailed black and white night vision images and captures the moments of wildlife.The 4K WIFI trail camera will be triggered instantly in 0.1~0.3S without delay so that you will never miss a shot.
  • 【IP66 Waterproof】Tight structure, water-resistant coating and good sealing rubber ring protect the trail camera from rain, snow, dust damage. You don't worry about any bad weather, the trail camera can perform well even in tough environments, such as deserts, grassland, and tropical rainforest.

Summary of the MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera Review

MRSCRET WiFi Trail Camera, 4k 60MP Game Camera with Night Vision Ip66 Waterproof 120°Wide Angle 0.1s Trigger Speed,Suitable for Outdoor Wildlife Detection, Monitoring Home Security

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The MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera distinguishes itself through its superior image and video quality, fast trigger speed, and seamless user interaction thanks to its WiFi capability and user-friendly LCD display. Designed for durability and equipped with 3 motion sensors and a no-glow infrared flash, it’s a versatile tool for both wildlife enthusiasts and property owners.


  • High-resolution 60MP images and 4K videos
  • Fast 0.1-second trigger speed
  • No-glow infrared flash for discreet night capture
  • WiFi connectivity for easy access and management
  • 32GB microSD memory card is included
  • Robust IP66 weatherproof design


  • The use of microSD cards may be cumbersome for some users
  • Customer service may not be as responsive as some other manufacturers

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera


The camera’s 60MP still images and 4K video resolution are genuinely impressive helping to ensure that every detail is captured with clarity. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast wanting to capture an owl’s intricate feather patterns, a hunter trying to take inventory of game animals, or a property owner needing clear images to identify any potential trespassers, this camera delivers. Plus the 120° wide field of view significantly helps to reduce the chances of missing things because the camera wasn’t pointed at just the right spot.

Beyond its impressive resolution and wide field of view, the camera’s versatility shines through its three different modes: Photo, Video, and Photo + Video. Photo mode captures detailed stills, ideal for close examinations or evidence, while Video mode records movement, offering insights into animal behavior or intruder actions. My favorite is the Photo + Video mode, which combines both features and provides a high-resolution image followed by a video, giving users a snapshot for quick reference and a video for context.

Built-In WiFi and App Control

Another way the MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi trail camera enhances user experience is with its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing for smartphone operation via the “TrailCam Go” app. This feature provides users with the ability to preview, download, or delete images and videos, as well as adjust settings from a distance, directly from their phones.

To use this functionality, download the “TrailCam Go” app from the Google Play or APP Store, and connect your mobile device to the camera.  You can scan the QR codes for the app below.

TrailCam Go App Android QR Code TrailCam Go App IOS QR Code

After the app is installed the setup process is straightforward, enabling you to swiftly connect your camera to your mobile device. This seamless integration is made possible by the Bluetooth module, ensuring minimal power consumption during device discovery. Once connected via Bluetooth you will be able to activate the camera’s WiFi. When using the camera’s WiFi connection you will be able to take full advantage of the camera’s wireless functionality, including live preview, image transmission, and remote adjustments to the camera’s settings.

It’s important to note that this is not a cellular trail camera, which means you need to be within the camera’s Bluetooth and WiFi range to establish a connection.  Keep in mind that MRSCRET states that the WiFi connection has a distance limit of approximately 32 feet in an open area. However, the actual distance you will be able to connect to your camera from can vary depending on the camera’s surroundings.

Motion (PIR) Sensors

Equipped with 3 PIR sensors, the camera is adept at detecting even the slightest movement with its wide 120° detection angle and  75 foot range. This sensitivity is crucial for tracking wildlife or monitoring activity on your property efficiently.

The camera offers adjustable PIR sensitivity settings with Low, Middle, and High options. This feature allows users to fine-tune the sensor’s response to motion based on the specific environment.

False triggers, such as those caused by moving branches or small animals that are not of interest, can lead to unnecessary storage consumption and battery drain. By adjusting the PIR sensitivity, users can minimize these occurrences. For example, setting the sensitivity to ‘High’ is ideal for capturing fast-moving or smaller wildlife, whereas ‘Low’ might be more suitable in windy environments or in areas with frequent non-target movement. This level of control also helps to ensure that users spend less time sorting through irrelevant footage when they check the camera.

Trigger Speed

With a lightning-fast 0.1-second trigger speed, the MRSCRET camera excels at capturing images quickly, making it an excellent tool for photographing quick-moving animals or actions, ensuring you don’t miss those important shots.


Another strength of this camera is its no glow flash. Equipped with 46pcs 940nm LEDs with a 75-foot flash range, the no glow infrared flash feature is invisible to human and animal eyes, allowing the camera to take images at night without disturbing wildlife or alerting intruders, maintaining stealth while providing clear nighttime images and videos.

Enhancing this feature, the flash’s intensity can be adjusted according to three settings: Near, Middle, and Far. This adjustability is crucial for various reasons. The ‘Near’ setting is suitable for capturing subjects at a closer range, reducing overexposure and preserving the quality of the image. The ‘Middle’ setting offers a balanced flash for general use, while the ‘Far’ setting extends the flash’s reach, ideal for capturing clear images of subjects at the far end of the camera’s detection zone.

By selecting the appropriate flash setting based on the expected subject distance, users can optimize the clarity and detail of nighttime images and videos. This not only improves the overall quality of the captures but also contributes to efficient battery use by avoiding unnecessary high-intensity flashes for close-range subjects.


Measuring 5.5 x 3.85 x 2.87 inches this MRSCRET trail camera is pretty compact (very comparable to similarly equipped trail cameras), especially when you consider all of the features the camera has like its 3PIR sensors, color LCD screen, and the ability to hold up to 8 batteries.

Its compact design facilitates easy installation and camouflage in the natural environment, yet it’s robust enough to house the advanced technology that powers its performance.

Time-Lapse Feature

For monitoring over extended periods, the time-lapse feature offers a broader view of wildlife patterns or security surveillance, providing insights into trends that might not be captured through motion detection alone. Not only does using the time-lapse feature allow you to document slow-moving processes, but it also allows you to document wildlife or other activity that is beyond the range of the motion sensors which can be helpful when the camera is posted in wide open areas.

When using time-lapse on this MRSCRET trail cam you have the option to select from Time Lapse Normal and Time Lapse Video options.

  • The Time Lapse Normal option has the camera capturing individual images at set intervals, which you select. This is great if you are looking for that one shot where something important occurs. You can always later compile these individual shots into a video using separate software.
  • When using the Time Lapse Video option the camera automatically stitches the individual images the camera has captured into a video file. This is more convenient if you want an immediate time-lapse video without the need for additional editing or software.

Unlike some other trail cameras that offer time-lapse modes of operation, this camera also has a Hybrid mode. The Hybrid mode allows you to utilize the time lapse feature while still allowing the camera to be triggered to capture activity that occurs within the range of the trail camera’s PIR sensors.

Hours of Operation Timer

The Hours of Opertation timer or “Operation Hours” setting as MRSCRET refers to it, is a customizable feature that allows you to set operational hours for when you want the camera to capture images and videos.

Utilizing this feature can greatly help to save battery life, storage, and time spent sifting through unwanted pictures and videos, which is very valuable if you only want to collect information from a certain part of the day.

LCD Screen

The inclusion of an 2.0-inch color LCD screen on the camera simplifies setup and allows for immediate review of captured images and videos without the need to connect to the WiFi signal, enhancing the user experience and convenience.

Memory Card

The camera comes with a 32G microSD card, which as long as you have batteries, allows you to get up and running right out of the box.

While the included memory card is great for most situations it is good to know that the camera supports SD/SDHC/SDXC microSD cards up to 128GB, providing considerable storage capacity for high-resolution images and videos. This generous storage capability means that you are less likely to be burdened by the frequent need to visit the camera to swap out or download content from the memory card, allowing for extended periods of uninterrupted use.

If you have read other trail camera reviews on this website you will know that I am not a fan of microSD cards being used in trail cameras. It is just too easy to drop and lose the card when you are in the field especially when the temperature starts to drop and you have cold hands. That said, I wouldn’t let the fact that a trail camera uses microSD memory cards prevent t me from buying if it otherwise meets my needs.

In addition to its ability to accommodate large-capacity memory cards, the camera offers a loop recording option. When activated, loop recording automatically deletes the oldest files on the memory card to make room for new captures once the card reaches its storage capacity. This ensures continuous operation without manual intervention even if the memory card becomes full.

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Password Protection

An essential feature for those concerned with security, password protection prevents unauthorized access to the camera’s contents, adding an extra layer of security.


Energizer AA Lithium Batteries, World's Longest Lasting Double A Battery, Ultimate Lithium (24 Battery Count)

This trail camera offers flexible power options, allowing you to run it on 4 or 8 AA batteries. The 8-battery option is best if you are looking to leave the camera in the field for longer periods without needing to replace the batteries.

According to the MRSCRET, this camera boasts an exceptionally long battery life, capable of lasting up to 8 months in a stand-by state when equipped with 8 AA 1.5V batteries. For achieving the longest possible battery life, the use of Energizer AA Lithium batteries is recommended. These batteries are known for their high energy density and ability to perform in extreme temperatures, making them the optimal choice for trail cameras that need to endure varied outdoor conditions.

While Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries are also compatible with the camera, they may not offer the same longevity and could require more frequent replacements. This is due to NiMH batteries having a lower energy density compared to Lithium batteries and being more susceptible to temperature fluctuations, which can influence their performance in outdoor settings.

Input for External Power Supply

In addition to long battery life this trail camera offers the convenience of an input for an external 6V power supply, a feature commonly found in most modern models. However, its usefulness cannot be overstated, especially for long-term monitoring scenarios where frequent battery changes are impractical. By connecting to a solar panel or battery box, users can ensure continuous surveillance without interruption, which can be even more helpful when the camera is mounted in elevated or hard-to-reach positions.

Image Stamp

Image stamps provide critical information offering valuable context for each image or video. The image stamp on this MRSCRET is pretty standard as it lists the date, time, temperature, and moon phase on each capture.

Included Accessories

The camera comes with essential accessories for immediate setup, so you can start capturing images and videos right away. You don’t even need to buy a memory card as one comes included!

  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 – Mounting strap
  • 1 – 32G microSD card ( preinstalled in the card slot )
  • 1 – Card Reader
  • 1 – Power cable
  • 1 – USB cable

Areas of Use

The MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera is versatile, ideal for wildlife observation, game monitoring, and property surveillance. Its high-resolution imaging and swift trigger speed make it particularly suitable for capturing detailed images of fast-moving wildlife, while its WiFi connectivity and robust build make it an excellent choice for those situations where you decide to mount the camera from an elevated or other hard-to-reach position.

Customer Service

The one area that the MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi trail camera might be lacking is its customer service. Despite several web searches, I can’t find any company website for MRSCRET. So I turned to the user manual.

In the user manual, it says to contact them through email if you have any problems. It goes on to say, “If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please send us another email, which may have been undelivered.” To me, this screams that their customer service might be lacking.

So I decided to test MRSCRET’s customer service by sending a message to the email that they have listed in the camera’s user manual and unfortunately, I have yet to receive an answer.

Should you let their customer service prevent me from buying this trail camera? No. Unless you routinely struggle with tech products you shouldn’t need to contact customer support to get the camera up and running.

Since they are selling the camera on Amazon the company offers a return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt, which adds an extra layer of assurance for customers. As long as you start using the camera as soon as you receive it you will be able to figure out if you like it or if it is defective within that 30 day window.


The MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi trail camera is competitively priced, especially considering its high-end 4K video and 60MP photo capabilities. Plus, MRSCRET’s inclusion of WiFi with the camera’s high-resolution pictures and videos on a trail camera that is normally at a sub-$100 price point positions it as a good value for money, particularly for those who prioritize image quality and convenient wireless functionality.


For those in search of a trail camera that offers a blend of high-quality imaging, rapid response, and connectivity, the MRSCRET 4K 60MP WiFi Trail Camera is a compelling choice. It stands out as a solid option within its price range, offering an impressive set of features that cater to both casual and serious users alike. Whether for tracking wildlife, overseeing property, or any other surveillance needs, this camera’s combination of image quality, ease of use, and versatility make it a worthy investment.


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