KJK JDL201 Mini Trail Camera Review

KJK JDL201 Mini Trail Camera Review

Finding a mini trail camera that takes high-resolution pictures and videos while having an amazingly low price can be quite a challenge. Many users often face the frustration of either compromising on the size and portability or settling for lower quality images. The KJK JDL201 Mini aims to address this common problem by offering an … Read more

APEMAN H40 Mini Trail Camera Review

APEMAN H40 Trail Camera

APEMAN H40 Trail Camera

Being able to hide a trail camera’s location is important to people who want to use their camera on public land or for security purposes. The size of a trail camera and having an exterior that blends into its surroundings are two things that make concealing its location a lot easier.

Even though the exact camo pattern and color can vary from model to model, these days most trail cameras have a camo exterior.

Unfortunately, too many times trail cameras are bigger than you would like or if they are small, are missing important features as the manufacturer tries to cut down the camera’s size. Then when you do find a small trail camera with good features it is often overpriced.

We really like the APEMAN H40 mini trail camera because it avoids the pitfalls that so many other trail cameras fall into.

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Hunters appreciate trail cameras because they allow you the opportunity to monitor the activity and behavior of game animals without having to worry about disturbing the deer or other game animals with your presence and human scent. The problem with most trail cameras is that at some point you will still need to go out … Read more

Toguard H20 Mini Trail Camera Review

Toguard H20 Mini Trail Camera

If you want to maximize the amount of information you can collect when monitoring game animals it is really advantageous to have multiple trail cameras in the field. However, when you start buying multiple game cameras the cost of your investment can really start to add up. Then if you plan on using these trail … Read more

SPYPOINT Link-Micro Review


SPYPOINT Link-MicroIf you are familiar with trail cameras you already know that they can be expensive. Then if you want something like a cellular trail camera the price can sometimes be out of reach for people who are on a budget or for people who need to buy multiple cellular trail cameras. Then to make matters worse, cellular trail cameras are often large and are easily spotted by people who might steal or vandalize the camera.

In addition to the price of the camera, you also need to purchase a data plan in order to have the images sent to you. If you have multiple cameras or have a camera placed in an area with a lot of activity the price of sending all those images can add up as well.

If you are a budget-conscious buyer who is looking for an affordable cellular trail camera the super-compact SPYPOINT Link-Micro might be a good option for you.

SPYPOINT Link-Micro (Smallest Cellular Trail Camera on The Market!)
  • TECHNOLOGY: SMALLEST cellular trail camera in the market! Powered by only 8 AA batteries and MicroSD card. Smaller than your hand! BUCK TRACKER - AI Image Recognition. Mobile app & web app capable with photo viewing on smartphone & computer
  • CELLULAR: 4G Photo transmission, works with major cellular providers nationwide, see Coverage Maps for performance. Preactivated SIM, mobile app capable, simple and fully configuration with app. Data plans available
  • PICTURE QUALITY: 10 MP, 4 Power LEDs, up to 80' Flash and Detection Range, 0.5s Trigger Speed, color photos by day, infrared by night, Multi-Shot and Continuous Modes
  • POWER: 16GB MicroSD memory card (not included), 8 AA batteries (not included), 12V jack Network 4G (HSPA+)

So Is It Possible to Find a Good Compact Cellular Trail Camera on a Budget?

Making an affordable cellular trail camera is exactly what SPYPOINT was trying to do when they made the Link-Mirco. They already have some terrific full-featured cellular trail camera options available, but this was their attempt to make a more compact entry-level model that could still meet peoples’ needs.

They went about trying to achieve this goal by doing 3 different things.

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