Mini Trail Cameras

Campark T20-1

Today, we have several different trail camera manufacturers creating many different models with a wide array of features. You may have noticed that many of these cameras are marketed as “mini” trail cameras with several new mini trail cameras hitting the market in the past few years. These mini trail cameras are becoming increasingly popular … Read more

APEMAN H40 Trail Camera Review

APEMAN H40 Trail Camera

Being able to hide a trail camera’s location is important to people who want to use their camera on public land or for security purposes. The size of a trail camera and having an exterior that blends into its surroundings are two things that make concealing its location a lot easier.

Even though the exact camo pattern and color can vary from model to model, these days most trail cameras have a camo exterior.

Unfortunately, too many times trail cameras are bigger than you would like or if they are small, are missing important features as the manufacturer tries to cut down the camera’s size.

When you do find a small trail camera with good features it is often overpriced.

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