Should You Buy a 2G Cellular Trail Camera?

If you are thinking about investing in a cellular trail camera there are probably a ton of features that you are looking at, or sorting through. Sometimes it can actually feel a little overwhelming. Some of these features might include image quality (how many megapixels the camera has), trigger speed, type of flash (no glow vs. low glow vs. incandescent), flash range, video resolution, and which cellular carrier you should use. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the options and choices you can read our Cellular Trail Camera Buying Guide and Reviews as well as our original Buying Guide for Best Rated Trail Cameras, which covers more than just cellular trail cameras.

Due to the fact cellular carriers don’t have identical coverage areas many people think about which carrier the camera is able to use so they can make sure there is coverage in the area they wish to place the camera. However, sometimes people forget to see if the camera uses a 2G or 3G network. 2G service is becoming a thing of the past. So if you buy a trail camera that utilizes 2G towers it will no longer be able to transmit pictures when the last of the 2G towers are taken out of service in your area, which has already happened in many places. When this happens a 2G trail camera will still capture images and video, but it will no longer be able to transmit images, which is very frustrating when you just spent a bunch of money to get a cellular trail camera. If you look online there are tons of reviews where people have purchased 2G trail cameras only to find out that they don’t work where they want to set them up. That is why we recommend buying 3G cellular trail cameras in our Cellular Trail Camera Buying Guide.

So is there ever a situation when it is OK to buy a 2G cellular trail camera? Surprisingly there is one situation when you might want to consider buying a 2G cellular trail camera.

Here is the One Situation When You Should Consider Buying a 2G Cellular Trail Camera

If you see a 2G cellular trail camera on sale for a price this is comparable to prices for similarly equipped 3G models you should run the other way. However, if you see a 2G cellular trail camera being sold for pennies on the dollar you might want to consider buying it. A lot of cellular trail cameras come loaded with some nice features. So if you are OK with it not being able to send you pictures you will have yourself a nice traditional/normal trail camera.

Some retailers got stuck with these cameras when the technology changed and are trying to get rid of them. Similarly, some individuals who bought these 2G units have no use for a cellular trail camera that can’t send them pictures and are trying to sell them as well. Either way, if you come across one of these 2G cameras at a value price and don’t need it to send you pictures it might be a bargain that is too good to pass up.

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