Best Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Best Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Similar to the cost of ink with computer printers, as the prices of cellular trail cameras have gone down over time the most expensive part about cellular trail cameras is the data plan subscriptions.

This is because cellular trail cams need an internet connection in order to send pictures or videos to your smartphone or computer. Without a data plan, you would not be able to see what the camera sees and you will need to go out and physically check the camera’s memory card to see what it has captured, assuming the camera works without a data plan (not all do).

So how much do cellular trail camera data plans cost?

Excluding the FREE plan from SPYPOINT, which is pretty limited, when it comes to data plans for trail cameras, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15+ per month, depending on the number of transfers and any additional add-ons you may need, like high-resolution image downloads or video transfers. Remember to keep in mind that not every data plan or camera offers these extra features, which is why you need to be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

This is why when shopping for cellular trail cameras it is just as important to look at the cellular data plans that are available for each camera as it is to look at the camera’s features and specs.

When comparing data plans for cellular trail cameras, you should look at the amount of data that is included in the plan (how many pictures and videos you can transmit), plan options, the cellular network being used, and the price. You should also consider the coverage area of the data plan to ensure you’ll have the best possible signal in the areas you intend to use your camera.

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2023 Manufacturer Cellular Trail Camera Plans

It used to be that cellular trail camera manufacturers simply made the cameras and then you would need to reach out to cellular providers to buy a data plan and connect the camera to their network so images could be emailed to you. However, not only was it not always clear what you might have to pay for a data plan at the time you were purchasing the camera but reaching out to the cellular providers and setting the camera up was often a time consuming and complicated process – especially for those people who were going through the process for the first time.

Now, most cellular trail camera manufacturers provide cellular data plans directly to their customers. These plans can be put together and handled by the manufacturer themselves or by a third-party vendor. The plans typically come with a free mobile app for your smartphone that not only allows you a convenient way to view and sort through pictures but makes activating your camera, selecting a data plan, and customizing the camera’s settings a quick and easy process.

Manufacturers will offer their customers multiple plans to choose from, each with its own unique amount of data or images that can be transferred each month. Plus, you’ll often have the option to subscribe either on a month-to-month basis or sign up for an annual plan at a discounted rate.

In addition to how many images you can transfer each month and the price of the plan, you need to pay attention to other things as well. Things such as the ability to transmit video clips, the ability to send HD versions of images, and the option to add multiple cameras to a plan and share the data are also important. Depending on how you plan on using the camera and the number of cameras do you have, these additional items can either make or break your cellular trail camera experience.

To help you find the best cellular data plan for your needs, we’ve compiled data plan data from several of the most common cellular trail camera manufacturers below.

Browning Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Browning’s Defender Ridgeline Cellular Trail Camera, which was released in 2021, comes with Dual Carrier technology which allows the customer to decide between ATT or Verizon networks. This gives you the freedom to use the camera in more areas without having to worry about which carrier’s signal is strongest.

Depending on your situation you might feel that the data plans for Browning’s cellular trail cameras are either super affordable or a little pricey when compared to the competition.

Some of Browning’s plans give you the ability to transmit high-resolution versions of the images the camera captures as well as video clips. That said, neither high-resolution images nor videos are able to be sent to you unless you move up from their introductory level plans, which can feel a little expensive if you only have one camera. However, if you have multiple cameras, they can share these more expensive plans, making the price very affordable on a per-camera basis.

Browning Prepaid Data Plans – Monthly

PlanMonthly PriceImage UploadsHD Image UploadsVideo Uploads# Cameras Per Plan
Scout Plus$12.992,40010N/AUp to 2
Hunter$19.993,00050N/AUp to 3
Hunter Plus$29.996,000300100Up to 4
Guide Pro$49.9912,000400150Up to 6

Note: There is a $5.00 per month fee for each additional camera on a plan up to the maximum number of cameras allowed for the plan. The first camera is included in the price of the plan.

*This plan allows for basic camera communications of battery life monitoring and GPS data transmission only. There is no transmission of pictures or videos with this plan.

**Technically not a plan, this option allows you to turn the SIM off completely for those times when you don't need the camera transmitting via the cellular network and just want it to function as a normal (non-cellular) trail camera.

Bushnell Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Both of Bushnell’s most current cellular trail cameras, the CelluCORE 20 and the more full-featured CelluCORE 30 both come in two versions, one that is compatible with the At&T’s network and one that is compatible with Verizon’s.

Bushnell has updated their data plan offerings for 2022, making the prices much more competitive. Plus, all of Bushnell’s plans are month to month, so you don’t have to commit to an annual plan to get their best pricing.

Like most cellular trail cameras, the images that are sent to you are simply thumbnails, but Bushnell offers you the ability to download high-resolution copies of your images so you can really zoom in to see all the details the camera captured. In addition, Bushnell has now come out with cameras like the CelluCORE 20, which have the ability to record and transmit video clips to you, giving you a more complete perspective of what is happening in the area you are monitoring.

It is nice to see that both high-resolution image and video downloads are included in Bushnell’s data plans instead of making them an additional purchase like with some other manufacturer plans. In the end, it is hard to beat the value of their plan with unlimited high-resolution pictures and videos.

Bushnell Prepaid Monthly Plans

PlanNumber of PicturesHi-Res PicturesVideo Downloads
$10 per month2000105
$15 per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Covert Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Covert is another respected name in the world of trail cameras. With trail cameras options for both the Verizon and AT&T networks. They sell the stand-alone trail cameras that they became known for as well as their LoRa trail camera system.

The LoRa trail camera system from Covert uses an exclusive long-range, low-power data transmission network. With this system, users can link up to nine cameras to a single wireless base transmission unit. This system can be very attractive to people who want to deploy large numbers of trail cellular cameras and for those who only have a strong cell signal on part of the property they want to monitor.

Due to its unique cellular trail camera offerings, Covert has broken their data plan offerings down into two categories. One category is for the traditional stand-alone cellular trail cameras. The other category of plans is for the LoRa cellular trail camera system. Monthly, quarterly and annual plans are available. For those who don’t want to subscribe to a data plan year-round but still want to use their cameras as traditional (non-cellular) trail cameras during times when they aren’t subscribed to a data plan, you’ll be happy to know that this is possible with Covert cellular trail cameras.

As you will notice there is no mention of video or high-resolution image downloads in any of the Covert plans. Each of those things results in additional charges. That said, those charges are quite reasonable. Before we go through all of the data plan options, here is a breakdown of those items that could result in additional charges:

  • Real-Time Photo Requests and Settings Changes $0.02 charge per use
  • High Res Image Request $0.03 charge on a pay per use basis
  • 5 Second Video Request $0.07 charge on a pay per use basis
  • Email & Text Message Request $0.03 charge on a pay per use basis

Covert’s AT&T & Verizon Monthly Subscription Data Plans

Number of PicturesPriceCost Per Additional Line
  • Adding a line is $5 per camera per month.

Covert’s AT&T & Verizon Quarterly Subscription Data Plans

Number of PicturesPriceCost Per Additional Line
  • Adding a line is $5 per camera per month.

Covert’s AT&T & Verizon Yearly Subscription Data Plans

Number of PicturesPriceCost Per Additional Line
  • Adding a line is $5 per camera per month.

Covert’s AT&T & Verizon LoRa Monthly Subscription Data Plans

Number of PicturesPrice

Covert’s AT&T & Verizon LoRa Quarterly Subscription Data Plans

Number of PicturesPrice

Covert’s AT&T & Verizon LoRa Yearly Subscription Data Plans

Number of PicturesPrice

Covert’s Monthly International Data Plans

Number of PicturesPriceCost Per Additional Line
  • Adding a line is $5 per camera per month.

Cuddeback Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Cuddeback began making traditional models before eventually branching out into making cellular trail cameras. After success in making “stand-alone” trail cameras, they introduced some pretty innovative ideas with their CuddeLink trail cameras.

With their CuddeLink system, you can use Cuddeback’s proprietary wireless mesh network to connect multiple CuddeLink remote cameras to one “home” camera that will transmit all of the photos to you over one cellular account.

The remote cameras can either connect directly to the home camera or can connect to each other, dramatically increasing the area you can monitor. Cuddeback’s CuddeLink system is a great choice for people who only have a strong cellular signal on part of the property they want to monitor, as well as for people who want to use multiple cellular trail cameras and save money by sharing one data plan.

No matter if you’re using one Cuddeback camera or taking advantage of the CuddeLink system with multiple cameras, Cuddeback has you covered in each situation with data plans and cameras for both Verizon and AT&T networks.

Before getting one of Cuddeback’s CuddeLink system cameras you probably want to be aware of a few things about the cameras and data plans to make sure they are a good fit for you.

  • Their cellular camera/cameras within the CuddeLink system do not have the option to take video.
  • It isn’t possible to select the resolution of the image sent within the CuddeLink Cellular system. The system is programmed to send the SMALL/compressed images as default.
  • If you don’t need the camera to transmit images year-round, but would still like the camera to work as a regular “stand-alone” trail camera and just pull the memory card to see what it has captured when it isn’t on a data plan know that the Remote cameras with one antenna will be able to work in that way. However, the cell camera will not operate without an active cell plan. It may work for a bit, but will eventually lock up on NO PLAN/error message corresponding to the camera not having a cell plan.

CuddeLink System Cell Plans

PlanCost When Paid MonthlyCost When Paid Annually
750 Images Per Month$15 per month$120.00 per year ($10 per month)
2,000 Images Per Month$20 per month$180.00 per year ($15 per month)
Unlimited* Images Per Month$40 per month$360.00 per year ($30 per month)

Note: Extra Images can be purchased for $5 per 50MB (1000 Images)

$5 per 50MB (1000 Images)

  • There is a Solo Mode (data plan) for people who just want to use 1 camera. The plans are the same for the Solo-Mode as they are for CuddeLink cell plans. However, because you can select image size – SMALL, 1MP or 5MP – the Cuddeback representative I spoke with recommended that you select the Unlimited Monthly/Annual plan. The plans are based off of data usage; 750 Images is 40MB, 2,000 Images is 100MB and Unlimited is 2GB. Sending SMALL sized images in standalone mode will get you close to the image count of the first two plans. Sending 1MP or 5MP images uses more data, which is why they recommended the Unlimited plan.

Exodus Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

As of 2022 Exodus sells one model of cellular trail camera, the Exodus Render 4G LTE cellular trail camera, which we previously reviewed. The Render 4G LTE operates using Verizon’s cellular network. They do not make a version of this camera for AT&T’s network.

Exodus partners with Scoutek, a third-party service, to provide its customers with cellular data plans. Their plans are quite affordable. Unlike other plans that give you a set number of images that you can download each month, the plans from Scoutek allow you to purchase a certain amount of data each month and allow you to decide how you want to use it.

There are no additional fees for downloading video clips (yes, you can transmit videos) or HD versions of photos. However, it is fair to point out that the more you download HD photos or videos the faster you will use up your monthly allotment of data.

There is a $7 activation fee for each camera, but you can share your monthly data plan between as many cameras as you want, which could end up saving you some money.

Exodus Prepaid Data Plans – Verizon

PlanApprox. # of PicturesMonthly Price*

Note: *There is a $7 line fee per camera you have on the plan. If you exceed the amount of data in your plan for a given month there is an overage rate of 0.15 per MB, which applies to all data plans.

Moultrie Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Moultrie has joined a growing number of companies that are making owning a cellular trail camera more affordable than ever with the release of their popular Delta trail camera. With both Verizon and AT&T versions of their cameras available Moultrie has hunters and property owners covered no matter where they plan on using a camera.

Both the monthly and annual data plans offered by Moultrie are priced to be competitive with those offered by other manufacturers. However, if you step up to their Pro Series Unlimited plan, which is meant for people with multiple cellular trail cameras, it can feel a bit pricey if you don’t own enough cameras to put on the plan.

Adding to the attractiveness of Moultrie’s data plans is the flexibility that allows you to request high-resolution image downloads through the free Moultrie Mobile App at no cost additional cost. However, each high-resolution image request will count against your monthly picture balance (1 hi-res photo = 5 standard photos). This flexibility for how to use your image allotment makes these data plans an even better value as high-res image downloads are typically extremely limited or require an additional fee with many other data plans.

Speaking of the Moultrie Mobile App, it is one of my favorites. Not only can you filter photos by date, time, temperature, moon phase, and barometric pressure, but the built-in AI software can also scan pictures and identify objects such as deer, turkeys, people, and vehicles giving you even more filtering options. The app also allows you to look for patterns of activity by time of day, temperature, and the moon phase, which can really give you a leg up when trying to decide where and when to hunt once hunting season arrives.

Moultrie Plans

PlanImages per monthVideo Transfers per monthMonthly Price - Paid Monthly*Monthly Price - Paid Annually*
Pro Series
Unlimited (for multiple cameras sharing same plan)
Unlimited501st cam $35/mo.

Add'l cams $7.99/mo.
1st cam $25/mo.

Add'l cams $7.99/mo.

*Note: You can get an additional 50 video downloads for $1. If you are on the Monitor or Standard plans you can get an additional 500 images for $4.99.

Spartan Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Spartan has long been considered one of the leaders in the cellular trail camera space when it comes to performance and dependability. With their GoLive, Ghost, and GoCam cellular trail cameras Spartan continues to be a popular option for property owners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Like some other manufacturers, Spartan has responded to customer demand and created data plans that have the option to be shared between multiple cameras. Like a growing number of manufacturers, Spartan offers data plans with a set amount of data instead of offering plans with a predetermined monthly allotment of picture and video downloads.

However, unlike other manufacturers who provide data plans for their cameras, Spartan doesn’t offer their plans with one price for prices for people who pay month to month and another price for people who pay annually. Instead, Spartan has data plans with varying amounts of data that is spread across 1, 3, 6, or 12-month renewal periods as shown in the table below. Depending on how many months out of the year you want to run your camera(s) and how much activity is in the area you want to monitor, picking out which plan is best for you may not be as straightforward as compared to some other manufacturers. Thankfully Spartan has a handy online tool that helps you figure out, which plan is best for you and how your plan to use your camera(s).

Spartan’s data plans offer more than just the ability to save money by having multiple cameras share the same data plan. Other attractive features include the ability to control how you use your data, and the fact that you don’t need to make additional purchases to be able to send high-resolution pictures or videos. Another great feature is that you can have both AT&T and Verizon cameras on a single shared data plan.

Spartan’s Verizon & AT&T Prepaid Data Plans

Plan Data AmountLength of PlanPriceTotal Number of Cameras
500MB1 Month$15.993
1GB1 Month$22.995
2GB1 Month$35.9910
1GB3 Months$35.993
3GB3 Months$64.995
6GB6 Months$109.9910
12GB1 Year$199.9910

  • There is a $5 a month per camera fee to add cameras to a shared plan. There is no fee for the first camera on the plan.

  • The amount of data in a plan gets split up between the number of months in the plan's duration. For example, having a 3GB plan that lasts 3 months means that you have a total data limit of 3GB that gets spread over a 3 month period.

SPYPOINT Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

SPYPOINT is a top cellular trail camera manufacturer that makes a variety of popular models, like the affordable and compact LINK-MICRO-LTE which is easy to conceal, or its cousin the LINK-MICRO-S-LTE with its’ integrated solar panel. They also make the LINK-S-DARK which has both a solar panel and no glow flash. If you already had some trail cameras and don’t like the idea of buying more SPYPOINT still has you covered with their SPYPOINT CELL-LINK cellular trail camera adapter that can turn your existing traditional trail camera into a cellular trail camera.

There are four data plans to choose from including a free plan that includes 100 image transfers a month. Like many other data plan providers, each of the three paid plans has an option to go month to month and a discount for those people who want to run their cameras year-round and pay annually.

With cameras that utilize the Verizon or AT&T cellular networks, SPYPOINT has cellular trail camera options for you no matter where you plan on using one of their cameras. No matter which network you use the prices remain the same for each of the SPYPOINT plans.

SPYPOINT’s plans are very affordable. While they don’t allow you to add additional cameras to a plan and share the data you will find that even though you need to purchase a plan for each camera the cost per camera can still be competitive with companies that allow you to put multiple cameras on a plan.

High-resolution image downloads are not included with any of SPYPOINT’s plans, but you can purchase packages of 50 HD photo downloads for $5.

The filtering options in the free app aren’t quite as extensive as some of the competition. However one of the more popular features is their Buck Tracker software. This allows you to quickly filter your images and only see ones with bucks in them.

Currently, SPYPOINT doesn’t have plans or cameras that allow for the transmission of videos. That will be changing later in 2022 when SPYPOINT’s FLEX cellular trail camera will be released. The Flex not only will have the ability to switch between cellular networks, but it will have the ability to capture and transmit video as well. When I reached out to SPYPOINT to ask about how this would impact their data plans the representative said that he didn’t know yet. So you should expect to see that either plan will be changed or added to include video transfers, or there will be the option to purchase packages of video downloads.

SPYPOINT Photo Transmission Plans

PlanNumber of PhotosCost Per Month if Paid MonthlyCost Per Month if Paid Annually

Note: High resolution image downloads are not included with the SPYPOINT data plans. However, for $5 you can purchase a package of 50 FULL-HD Photo downloads.

Like other cellular trail camera data plan providers, SPYPOINT sends you compressed (less detailed) copies of images to reduce the amount of data being used. However, instead of going out to your trail camera and risk disturbing game animals to retrieve the high-resolution version of the photos that are saved on your SD card, SPYPOINT allows you to have the option of paying $5 to have 50 full HD resolution versions of images, that you select, sent to you on your smartphone app.

Honestly, most of the time you will be just fine with having the lower-resolution copies sent to you, but sometimes you will run across situations where being able to see the extra detail in those full-HD photos will be very helpful.

Stealth Cam Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

With several models to choose from, like the Fusion X, Reactor, and the DS4K transmit, the cellular trail cameras from Stealth Cam are a popular option. Their data plans have very affordable monthly rates with additional discounts for people who opt for an annual plan. The prices remain the same regardless of whether your camera uses the AT&T or Verizon network.

The free app Stealth Cam Command Pro is very powerful giving you the option to sort through pictures and videos by date, time of day, temperature, and moon phase. That along with the photo tracker and the ability to identify bucks does, hogs, turkeys, and people, will give you a leg up as you try to look for patterns in animal behavior or use the camera for security.

If you want to check out the app before buying a Stealth Cam cellular trail camera you can download it for free from the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store. After you download and install the app you will notice that there is a DEMO mode for you to try out.

Stealth Cam Command Pro App Demo

The only negative about the data plans from Stealth Cam relates to video and HD photo transfers. Unlike some other manufacturer plans, you don’t have control over how you use your data allotment each month and there are no video or HD photo downloads included in any of Stealth Cam’s plans. You need to pay a small fee for each video and HD image you download to your device. That said unless you plan on downloading a ton of video and HD photos most people will find that the amount they spend on their data plan with Stealth Cam will remain quite affordable.

Stealth Cam Prepaid Data Plans Verizon & AT&T

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
50MB (600 Photos*)$5$4
100MB (2,000 Photos*)$10$8
Unlimited Photos$20$15

Bundle Pro

  • Can be shared with up to 3 cameras at no extra charge
  • 36,000 Photos*
  • Additional cameras can be added beyond the 3 included with the plan for $5 per added camera.

*Actual number of photos may vary.

Extra Features Available for Purchase

Elite Hunter Plan - For $5 per month you get automatic filtering of bucks, does, hogs, and turkey, 2 years of cloud storage, and security monitoring that sends notifications in the event of camera activation on an unauthorized account.

HD Photo Download - $0.10 each

Video Download - $0.25 each

Tactacam Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Tactacam, a relative newcomer in the cellular trail camera market, has taken the industry by storm in recent years becoming a very popular choice with consumers thanks to cameras like their new REVEAL X, which we previously did a review on. You read our REVEAL X review to learn more about the camera. Like many other companies, Tactacam’s cellular trail cameras will utilize either the AT&T network or the Verizon network.

Tactacam’s cellular trail cameras come in two varieties: those that can connect to either the AT&T network or the Verizon network (like the REVEAL X), and those that can connect to either network but require you to switch between the included AT&T and Verizon SIM cards as needed (like the REVEAL XB).

Like cameras from many other companies, Tactacam cameras capture both pictures and videos saving them on the camera’s memory card, sending you lower-resolution versions of the photos they capture. If you want to get a more detailed look at certain images, you can go into the Tactacam app and for an extra fee purchase a package of high-resolution image downloads allowing you to request HD downloads of individual photos.

Even though the Tactacam cameras can capture video, people who really like video will be bummed out to learn that the cameras and data plans don’t allow for the transfer of video. This means that a person has to physically go to the camera’s location to retrieve the videos from the camera’s memory card. Remember that while not being able to download videos may be disappointing, most people will be just fine with the images that are sent to them. Plus, not transmitting video makes the amount of data used each month less, saving you money.

When you browse the trail camera options below, you will notice that not only are the monthly plans affordably priced but there are discounts for people who want to run their cameras year-round. Plus, you’ll also see the option to add cameras to each of the plans, which will help save even more money for people with more than one camera.

Tactacam’s Verizon & AT&T Prepaid Data Plans

PlanNumber of PhotosCost Per Month if Paid MonthlyCost Per Month if Paid Annually
Starter Plan250$5

Add additional camera for $5 per month.
$55 Yearly
$4.58 a Month (8.3% Savings)

Add additional camera for $55 per year.
Intermediate Plan500$8

Add additional camera for $7.50 per month.
$85 Yearly
$7.08 a Month (11.5% Savings)

Add additional camera for $75 per year.
Pro PlanUnlimited$13

Add additional camera for $12 per month.
$120 Yearly
$10 a Month (23% Savings)

Add additional camera for $96 per year.
  • No Activation Fees for Any Plan
  • High resolution image transfers are not included with any of the plans, but you can purchase a package of 50 HD image downloads for $5.
  • High resolution video transfers are not included with any of the plans, but you can purchase a package of 50 HD video downloads for $5.

Wildgame Innovations Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans

Wildgame Innovations has long been known as a company that cells trail cameras at a value price. I myself have owned a few of their trail cameras over the years and they continue to serve me well year after year.

Eventually, Wildgame Innovations spread its wings and entered the cellular trail camera space. Their current offering the Encounter cellular trail camera is another example that buying a cellular trail camera doesn’t have to break the bank. When combined with the hunt smart app you not only can view what your camera captures remotely But you can also sort through the images efficiently thanks to some powerful features of the app helping you both save time and make your hunting season a success.

Their current camera can work virtually anywhere using the cell service that is available from any network in the United States or Canada, regardless of your current cellular service provider. Their data plans are broken down into three options, one of which is free. As you step up in plans you get additional features and functionality through the app, as you can see from the chart below.

Wildgame Innovations Prepaid Data Plans

ScoutWeekend WarriorPro Hunter
PriceFREE$24 ($2/month)$48 ($4/month)
Photos Analyzed Per Month025007500
Cloud Storage30 Days6 Months Total1 Year Total
Mapping ToolsXXX
Weather ForecastXXX
Photo Sorting by Camera LocationXXX
Image Recognition - No AnimalXX
Moon Guide - Game MovementXX
Species RecognitionX
Hit List TrackerX
Hunt PredictorX
Buck ScoringX
 *From the Wildgame Innovations website - "Features and offerings are subject to change. Some features are still in development and will be made available at future dates."

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Plans From Cellular Service Providers (Verizon and AT&T Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans)

As you can see from everything that we have already covered, most cellular trail camera manufacturers have shifted toward handling the data plans for their cameras in-house. This evolution has not only helped to make it simpler for the consumer but when combined with their smartphone apps, allows you to view and sort through what your camera has captured in powerful and innovative ways.

That said, you may still run into manufacturers that don’t handle the data plans for their cellular trail cameras in-house. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid those cameras if they otherwise have the features that you are looking for, but it does require an extra step for you to get your camera up and running, which is something you want to be aware of.

There are two ways to get these data plans. You can either add them to your existing shared data plan or you can purchase a data plan separately. If you have multiple cameras on the same plan you should probably expect a monthly fee for each camera you add.

It is worth pointing out that while the price of a data plan from a trail camera manufacturer remains the same regardless of whether or not you have an existing account with the cellular network the camera is using, it may be more expensive to buy a data plan from a provider you don’t have a relationship with.

Similar to the data plans offered by cellular trail camera manufacturers, cellular service providers like AT&T and Verizon will offer plans with different amounts of data. The exact amount of data you should purchase each month will vary by situation. Depending on your camera’s settings, how much activity is in the area being monitored, and the specific things that are being captured in each picture will all impact the total amount of data used. That said, pay attention to overage fees that will be charged should your camera go over the allotted data.

Final Thoughts

As cellular trail cameras become more popular and affordable, the most expensive part of them becomes the data plan subscription. However, if you think about where you want to use the camera, the number of image transfers you might need each month along with any additional add-ons you may want, like high-resolution image downloads or video transfers, you can find a data plan that meets your needs at a very affordable price- regardless of whether you have one or several cellular trail cameras.