Extinguisher Deer Call Might Be the Best & Makes a Great Gift

Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call - Hunting Accessories for Men - Adjustable Pitch with Realistic Sounds - Freeze Resistant (Camo)

This past deer season I discovered a piece of equipment that I absolutely need to bring with me every time I head out to my deer stand. That piece of equipment is the Extinguisher Deer Call. If you are a deer hunter this is something that is a must-have and if you have a deer hunter in your family this is the perfect gift.

Until recently I never used a deer call. I knew that some other hunters used buck calls, but I followed the lead of my father who was a very successful deer hunter and never used one. My father passed away and has been gone for over 10 years now, but looking back I think a lot of our success over the past 25 years was due to picking great spots for our deer stands. However, in the past 10 years, it has become increasingly clear that we were seeing fewer deer than in years past. Part of this was probably due to the increasing challenges of hunting on public land. Another part is due to the increased numbers of wolves in the woods of northern Minnesota where we hunt. So I knew that we needed to try something.

In Minnesota, it isn’t legal to hunt over bait like it is in other parts of the country. So there are really only 3 things you can do to be successful.

  1. Select a good spot to hunt.
  2. Use scents and sent killers
  3. Use a call

So two years ago I decided to try out one of those bleat cans. It was an affordable way to try out a call for the first time, but I only saw one deer all season and that was for about 2 seconds WAY back in the brush and I couldn’t even get a shot off. My brother who had a buck call only saw one deer and it was close to 100 yards away in the heavy brush (I am still not sure how he even saw it). The third member of our hunting party didn’t see a single deer. So obviously my bleat can didn’t help me much and my brother’s buck call wasn’t doing much better and when we talked to other hunters in our area they weren’t seeing any more deer than we were.

This year I decided to look more into calls and that is when I found the Extinguisher. It intrigued me because it was 3 calls in one, but in my opinion, it is much more than that.

So What Makes This Call Special – Here is my review

  • It is really 3 calls in one. You can change from a fawn, Doe, or Buck call in just a couple of seconds. This allows you to easily create any situation you want for deer that may be in your area.
  • The Modislide allows for an almost infinite number of calls/tones. You can set the call for a range of fawn, doe, or buck tones.
  • Freeze Free Design. Often when using calls they can freeze up from the moisture in your breath. The Modislide design helps fix this problem. All you need to do is run the Modislide back and forth a few times and it will loosen things up again if your call freezes. It was below freezing the entire time I was hunting this year and the call did freeze up a few times, but the Modislide took care of it. I also noticed that if I put the call in the buck position when I wasn’t using it, it seemed to make it harder to freeze up (at least it did for me).
  • It comes with audio/video CDROM this exclusive deer calling system will teach you how to communicate with deer. You will see the call without the DVD, but you will want to get the DVD. Most hunters will learn at least a couple of things on how to best use the call. Even my brother learned a few things on how to better use his buck call when we watched the video together.
  • The Extinguisher has a 99.6% approval rating from the North American Hunting Club.

How Did I Do Using the Extinguisher Deer Call?

In the couple of months leading up to deer season, I made the same preparations that I would normally make. I made a handful of trips up north so I could go into the woods to look for deer signs, put out my trail camera, and finally place my scents. I know that other hunters might make more trips into the woods before the season than I do, but I have been hunting the same land for about 30 years so I know that lay of the land pretty well.

I ended up deciding to keep my deer stand in the same place it has been in for the last several years. I was able to go hunting for only three days this year so the pressure was on. Plus, I brought my son with me hunting for the first time, which made me worry that having him in the stand with me would mean that we would end up making too much noise and scare everything out of our area. So I was hoping that the Extinguisher would help improve our chances.

Between morning and afternoon hunts I ended up going into my deer stand a total of 5 times this season. Opening morning we didn’t see a thing. In the afternoon I saw one nice buck. The following morning we saw a big doe. The second afternoon I shot a beautiful buck. Then the following morning, which was my last hunt, I saw two deer and took a nice doe. I have some friends who hunt in agricultural areas that see a ton of deer almost every day, but where we hunt seeing 5 deer in 2 ½ days is a big success.

My brother who had his buck call saw 3 deer and ended up getting a smaller buck. The third member of our hunting party who didn’t use a call didn’t see anything.

So our totals ended up being:

  • Extinguisher 5 deer seen
  • basic buck call 3 deer seen
  • No call 0 deer seen


Now you might be thinking how do I know that the Extinguisher was the reason I saw more deer? My response would be that:

  1. I used the Extinguisher regularly throughout each of my 5 hunts.
  2. Every deer I saw appeared within a couple of minutes of using the call. So at the very least, I can say that the call didn’t scare the deer out of my area.

After just one deer season using the Extinguisher Deer Call, I am a believer. This call will be one of the least expensive pieces of equipment that you bring with you to your deer stand, but it might be one of the most helpful. So if you or the deer hunters in your family don’t own the Extinguisher make sure it is in everyone’s backpack next season. They will thank you for it.

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