Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 – Which One Should You Buy?

If you are in the market to buy an Xbox, you might be wondering if you should buy an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One. So how can you determine which one is the right console for you, or the person you are buying it for?

Luckily, if you answer just a few questions you should be able to figure out which Xbox console fits your needs and your budget.

Those questions are:

How important are graphics to you?

Due to the improved graphics card, a faster processor, and other factors the Xbox One has smoother, more realistic graphics than the Xbox 360. There are tangible and noticeable improvements with the Xbox One, but there’s no denying that even though the graphics are improved, the majority of games simply do not blow you away the way previous new consoles did. The jump in graphics simply isn’t as big as it has been in the past.

What is your budget for a video game console?

Luckily the price of both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One have come down from when they were first released. That combined with the fact that they now sell the consoles both with and without the Kinect, which is the motion sensing device used by both the Xbox and Xbox One. By selling the consoles both with and without the Kinect it allows you save around $100 and not purchase it if you aren’t interested in playing Kinect games.

What games are you most interested in?

Some new games that are currently being released are only available for the Xbox 360. While other games that are just being released are only available for the Xbox One. However, most new games that are coming out still support both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. So if there are a couple games you know that you are most interested in it would be worth checking to see if they are available for the console you are thinking of purchasing.

Do you care about the total number of games that are currently available for your system and are you interested in buying used games at a discount?

Because the Xbox One hasn’t been out for as long there are far fewer used games available for purchase. If you are like most of us and have a limited amount of money available to purchase games for your new system you will probably be interested in purchasing some used games. Buying pre-owned video game is a terrific way to get more games for your money. Since the Xbox 360 has been on the market since 2005, it has more games available than the One. There are close to 1,000 games available for the Xbox 360. After all, its not just about having a video game console it’s about having games to play on it.

What does the future hold for the Xbox consoles?

Just as it does with all video game consoles prices for the Xbox One should continue to drop over time. In addition, as more time passes the number of pre-owned video games on the market will continue to increase making the cost of buying games lower than it is currently for the Xbox One.  Eventually, as more people buy the new Xbox One console more and more developers will stop producing games for the Xbox 360.


In the end, if you buy an Xbox 360 you will most likely be purchasing an Xbox one down the road. Ultimately your decision may come down to deciding whether or not you wish to save money now and use that savings to take advantage of the large number of games available for an Xbox 360 or pay more now and be satisfied with seeing your video game dollars not go as far in the short term, but knowing that eventually more options will become available and you won’t have to think about buying a new console as soon.

Happy shopping!

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