Should You Buy an Extended Warranty for Your Video Game Console?

Should You Buy an Extended Warranty for Your Video Game Console?

After you just got done spending $200 or more on a video game console like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch you probably don’t feel like spending any more money. This is especially true since most people will still need to buy 1 or more additional controllers. Combine this with the fact that you haven’t purchased any games yet and before you know it you’ve invested $400 or more.

At this point, you are feeling like your wallet is getting pretty empty, but you would still like to be able to protect this large investment you just made. The sales associate at the store probably talked to you about buying one of the store’s pricey extended warranty or protection plans. But are there any other options?

Actually, there are other options than those the associate gave you in the store. Often these are more affordable than those the associate talked about as well.

There are even plans available that offer different levels of protection depending on how long you want your coverage to last and the amount you paid for your console. Click on the plans below to see the current pricing.

What Do Protection Plans for Video Game Consoles Cover?

The scope of protection plans for video game consoles can vary depending on the specific plan you purchase and the company that is selling it. Generally speaking, protection plans for video game consoles may protect against accidents, manufacturer defects, or both.

Accidental damage protection plans will typically cover damages caused by accidental drops, spills, and other unexpected events that may cause damage to the console. Depending on the specific plan you may also be covered for other types of accidental damage, such as power surges or damage caused by your pet.

Manufacturer defect protection plans, on the other hand, will typically cover defects related to the console’s manufacturing or design. These defects may cause the console to malfunction or fail to perform as intended. The manufacturer defect protection plan may also include coverage for other issues related to the console’s performance or functionality.

Some protection plans might offer a combination of both accidental damage and manufacturer defect coverage, providing maximum protection for the console. These plans are less common and will typically be the most expensive to purchase due to their comprehensive nature.

What Type of Plan Should You Get to Protect Your Video Game Console?

The type of protection plan that is best for a given situation can vary depending on the individual and their usage habits.

Experiencing accidental damage might be more common for some individuals, particularly if they have the console set up in a busy area of the house, or if they have children or pets that may accidentally damage the console.

Video game consoles are typically designed to be pretty durable and able to withstand normal use, so encountering manufacturer defects or malfunctions outside of the normal manufacturer warranty period may not be that common. However, if you are very meticulous with how you take care of your console and have it set up in a location where accidents are not likely to occur, experiencing a manufacturer-related issue might be the sort of thing that is more likely to happen to you, just because that chance of accidents damaging your console is so low.

Ultimately, you need to assess your situation and decide what sort of protection you are most likely to need.

How Long Are the Protection Plans for Video Game Consoles?

You will see protection plans for video game consoles offered in different durations, such as two, three, or four years. The longer the duration of the plan, the higher the cost will typically be. This is because the longer the plan, the more risk the plan provider is taking on, as there is a higher likelihood of a breakdown or accident occurring over longer periods of time.

It is also worth pointing out that the cost of the video game console can also affect the price you have to pay for a protection plan. Generally speaking, the more expensive the console is, the higher the cost of the protection plan will be. This is because the plan provider is assuming more risk by insuring a more expensive device, and will need to charge more to offset these higher potential repair or replacement costs.

What Type of Plan Should You Get if You Play Your Console a Lot?

If you are a heavy user of your video game console, you may want to consider getting a longer plan that is 3 or 4 years in duration as the risk of both accidental damage and breakdowns from wear and tear or manufacturer defects increase with time. This makes protecting yourself from manufacturer defects and breakdowns as well as protecting yourself from accidents more attractive.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering a protection plan, make sure to carefully review the terms and conditions to ensure that it provides adequate coverage for your usage habits. Some plans may have exclusions or limitations on coverage, so it’s important to know what is and isn’t covered.

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