Toguard H20 Mini Trail Camera Review

Toguard H20 Mini Trail Camera
If you want to maximize the amount of information you can collect when monitoring game animals it is really advantageous to have multiple trail cameras in the field. However, when you start buying multiple game cameras the cost of your investment can really start to add up. Then if you plan on using these trail cameras on public hunting land you start to worry about being able to conceal them to prevent your investment from being stolen.

So what you are really looking for is an affordable trail camera that is small and easy to conceal.

That being said, you still want to have trail cameras that perform well and capture as many pictures and videos as possible. After all, the success of your hunting season could be hanging in the balance.

Introducing the Toguard H20 Mini Trail Camera

Toguard H20 Mini Trail Camera

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Since your hunting season is often only as good as the gear you have with you. It is good to know that the Toguard H20 mini trail camera is among the equipment you can consider to help make your next hunting season a success.

In addition to being small and lightweight, Campark equipped the H20 a very solid set of features some of which you might be surprised to see on such a small trail camera, especially one that is so affordably priced.

Note: The Toguard H20 was upgraded after it was originally released. This review is on the updated version of the trail camera. These updates include an upgraded camera and a faster trigger speed.


  • Upgraded16MP camera
  • Small size
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Wide detection angle
  • Fast trigger speed


  • The labeling of the controls may be too small for some people to read comfortably without reading glasses.

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Review of Features and Benefits of the Toguard H20 Camera


Just because the H20 camera is a mini trail camera doesn’t mean that Toguard skimped on the camera quality. Upgraded from the old 12MP camera the H20 can now take 16-megapixel photos and capture full HD 1080p videos to help ensure that you get great results.

Plus, in addition to the traditional photo and video modes, the H20 also has Picture+Video mode where the camera takes a picture before it begins recording video.

Motion Sensor

The H20 has a centrally located motion sensor with a wide 120-degree detection angle and a detection range of 65 feet.

The motion sensor has adjustable sensitivity levels, which are high, medium, and low.

Trigger Speed

When you talk about the motion sensors, you also need to talk about the trigger speed as it is an essential element in motion sensing. The Toguard H20 has a fast trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, which is a pretty significant upgrade from the 0.5 second trigger speed that the H20 had when it was originally released.

When a fast trigger speed is coupled with a wide detection angle, like it is on the Toguard H20, you can feel confident that it will capture anything that passes by.


The H20 has 32 low glow Infrared LEDs for illuminating pictures and videos at night. These low glow LEDs won’t spook or scare wildlife away. Low glow flash also won’t alert intruders, unless they are looking directly at the camera while the flash is in use, in which case, they will see the LEDs glow red on the front of the camera.

The range of the low glow flash is 65 feet.


Toguard H20 16MP 1080P Mini Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring and Home Observation

When it comes to dimensions, this trail camera gives you another thing to love about it due to its small dimensions. It measures 3.2 X 4.2 X 2.2 inches, which is relatively small compared to other trail cameras.

Its compactness and its color make it easy to conceal. Plus, its small size makes it very convenient to carry in the woods even if you are carrying multiple H20 cameras.

Time-Lapse Feature

The Toguard H20 has a time-lapse feature, allowing it to take pictures without activation by the motion sensors. This is very helpful for people who want to monitor the area that is beyond the detection range of the motion sensor.

This feature is also excellent when documenting the slow-moving cold-blooded animals or the plant blooming processes.

Remember that when you are using the time-lapse feature the PIR will be turned off and the camera will not trigger as it normally would if something comes into range.

LCD Screen

The trail camera has a tiny screen that you can see when you open its cover. The 2-inch color LCD screen allows you to view captured images and quickly adjust the settings of the camera.

Memory Card

SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC UHS-I Memory Card - 90MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, SD Card - SDSDUNR-032G-GN6IN

To store the captured images and videos, you will need a secondary storage media. The Toguard H20 supports SDHC cards up to 32GB. We recommend the SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC memory card.You can also use a micro SD card with an adapter if you choose, but we recommend using the standard-sized SD cards since they are harder to drop and lose in the tall grass and leaves when installing or removing the cards outdoors.

Before using the storage media, you should format it first.

Password Protection

You can use the password protection feature to encrypt the trail camera and restrict its usage. Look for the password settings on the camera and set a unique one that you can remember. Anytime you want to use it, you will have to provide a password for access.


To power the H20 you only need four 1.5V AA batteries. Energizer is the brand recommended by the manufacturer.

To ensure top performance we recommend only using high-quality batteries and if you are thinking of leaving the camera in the field for extended periods of time we suggest you use Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.

Input For External Power Supply

The H20 has an input to support having an external power supply.

An external power supply unit can help extend your batteries’ life. Having an external power supply is advisable if you want to leave the camera unattended for long periods.

If you decide to use an external power supply with the Toguard H20 you will need a DC 6V 1.5A power supply.

Image Stamp

The Toguard H20 trail camera has an image stamp, which shows you attributes of the recording such as the date, time, temperature, and moon phase.

Multilingual Support

As evidence of its versatility, the H20 trail camera supports various languages. You can pick your preferred language when setting up the camera in the menu options. Some of the languages it supports include English, German, Chinese, and French.


The Toguard H20 trail camera is very affordable and is priced to compete with entry-level trail cameras. Then when you look at its features and compare it to its cost, you understand that it is an excellent bargain.

Other Options

APEMAN H40 Mini Trail Camera

APEMAN H40 Trail Camera

The 16MP APEMAN H40 mini trail camera is another great option if you are in the market for an affordable mini trail camera with the H40 having almost identical specifications to the Toguard H20.

Other than the different camo exteriors there are really only two main differences between the H40 and the Toguard H20. The first difference is the trigger speed where the APEMAN comes in at 0.4 seconds, which is almost as fast as the 0.3 second speed of the Toguard. The other difference is in the number of LEDs where the Toguard boasts 32 low glow LEDs compared to the 26 found on the APEMAN H40.

You can check the current sale price of the APEMAN H40 here.

Campark T20 Mini Trail Camera

Campark T20 Mini Trail Camera

Upgraded from the T20 model, the 16MP Campark T20 Mini Trail Camera is another great option to consider if you are looking for an affordably priced compact trail camera. Among the few differences between the T20-1 and the Toguard H20 are the trigger speed and the number of infrared LEDs each camera has where the Toguard edges out the Campark in both areas. The 0.5 second trigger speed on the Campark is just a bit slower than the 0.3 second trigger speed found on the Toguard H20. Meanwhile, the Campark has 22 low glow LEDs while the Toguard has 32.

Since these trail cameras are so similar, you might want to see if you prefer one camera’s camo pattern over the other or check to see if one of the cameras is on sale. Otherwise, most people might lean toward the slightly better specs of the Toguard H20. You can check the price of the Campark T20 here.

Final Thoughts

Despite its small size the easy to conceal Toguard H20 mini trail camera delivers big performance with its 16MP camera, wide detection angle, fast 0.3 second trigger speed, and adjustable motion sensor. When combined with its super affordable price the H20 is a trail camera that is hard to resist.

You can check its current price here.

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