Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera Review

Sometimes it feels like you need to be ready to make a compromise when you are looking to make the step up to a cellular trail camera. Some cameras don’t record or transmit videos. Other cameras struggle in low-light conditions. Still, other cameras require long term a subscription to get a good price on a data plan. Are we doomed to have to settle for trail cameras that fall short of meeting our needs?

Having said that, there are some cellular trail cameras on the market that meet expectations and are great performers for hunters and property owners who want to be able to keep an eye on their property from wherever they are. With the ability to transfer both high-resolution images as well as video to your smartphone app, one of those options is the Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera, with its two versions, one for the Verizon network and one for AT&T just might check off the boxes on your cellular trail camera wishlist.


Introducing the Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera

Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera

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Browning’s Defender Wireless Pro Scout is a well-built cellular trail camera that performs well, taking good pictures and videos both day and night. It comes with some solid specs and features including an adjustable flash. The camera also has several affordable data plans to choose from including the options to send video clips and high-resolution images.

All of this coming from a company like Browning whose name a lot of people have come to know and trust over the years makes the Defender Wireless Pro Scout a very attractive cellular trail camera for a lot of people.

Keep reading our Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout review and see if it has what it take to meet your needs.


  • Great pictures and videos (including at night)
  • Transmits video clips
  • Impressive flash range
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Above-average detection range
  • Flexible data plans
  • Included 32GB memory card
  • Easy to use


  • Low glow flash
  • No time-lapse feature
  • No hours of operation setting

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera


The camera can take pictures with up to 18-megapixel resolution. Videos have a resolution of 1600x900HD+ at 30 frames per second. This is decent quality, assuring you of clarity, but it is certainly a step down from the 1080p and greater resolutions that we see on most trail cameras without cellular capabilities. However, to be fair it should be pointed out that the greater the detail/resolution of a video the more data it will use on your data plan when it is transferred. So what you want is to find that sweet spot where the video shows you the detail you need without using too much data when it is sent to you, which is probably what Browning was trying for with the Pro Scout.

The camera also has a Smart IR video feature, which allows it to continue recording a video during the daytime as long as motion is detected. Then once movement is no longer detected the camera will stop recording the video clip.

The camera has a photo and a video mode but doesn’t have a Photo + Video mode where it takes a video before recording a video. However, you can view your videos’ thumbnails before downloading the ones you want on your app, which is kind of like having a Photo + Video mode.

Motion Sensor

The Browning Wireless Pro Scout has a single motion sensor with an 80-foot detection range. However, some users report that the detection range can extend up to 90-feet depending on the setting.

Smartphone App

For you to remotely access the camera, you need to download the Strike Force Wireless app. It is free to download, easy to use, and works with both iOS and Android devices. Like most other apps for cellular trail cameras, the Strike Force Wireless app allows you to control the camera remotely. One good thing about this app is that you use it to tell the trail camera to send you high-resolution photos and videos. Many cellular trail cameras cannot transmit videos.

Data Plan

Like all cellular trail cameras, you need a data plan to support the transmission of pictures and videos to your phone. Browning Defender wireless camera has plenty of data plans that you can buy into. They are all monthly plans that you can get into or leave at any time. These include Scout, Scout Plus, Hunter, Hunter Plus, and Guide, arranged from the cheapest to the priciest. Of course, the more you pay, the more perks you get, like multi-camera support, more image uploads, HD images, and video uploads.

Browning cellular data plans 2020

A thing to know is that the camera records videos of up to 2-minutes. However, you will only receive 10-second clips of the captured videos. For longer videos, you will have to access them from the memory card physically.

In the end, the data plan options are pretty reasonable, even more so if you have multiple cameras sharing the same plan.

Trigger Speed

An impressive thing about this Browning cellular trail camera is its fast trigger speed. At 0.22-seconds, it is very fast, especially when you consider that so many trail cameras these days have trigger speeds in the 0.4 to 0.5-second range. In addition, the camera has a 0.4-second recovery time.

If for some reason the trigger speed is too fast, it allows you to adjust it to a slower rate.


The Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout comes with a low glow flash with a massive 120-foot range. It is adjustable, with three settings, Powersave, Long Range, and Fast Motion. Plus, the camera’s Illuma-Smart technology can automatically adjust the IR’s brightness to get the best possible results at night.


The camera has compact dimensions of 6 x 4 x 3-inches, which is comparable to many other trail cameras on the market.

Time-Lapse Feature

There isn’t a time-lapse feature on this camera. Most people probably won’t miss it anyway, especially on a cellular trail camera. Most people don’t want to use time-lapse on a cellular trail camera since it could burn through a huge part of the data plan if it is set to take pictures too frequently. The only time you might wish the Pro Scout had a time-lapse feature would be if you were trying to monitor an area that is beyond the range of its motion sensor.

Hours of Operation Timer

The Defender Wireless Pro Scout also doesn’t have an hours of operation timer. This is a feature that I wouldn’t use since I like my cameras to capture pictures and video 24/7. However, if you only need your camera to be active during certain hours of the day you might miss not having an hours of operation timer as it could save you money on your data plan as it would prevent the camera from uploading things that you don’t need.

LCD Screen

When you open the exterior cover, you will find a small screen that only displays text. Its primary role is for the initial setup before use. The screen is not colored, so you cannot view your recordings on it. The consolation is that you can easily view your videos and photos from the mobile application.

It is really doubtful that you will miss not having a color LCD screen on this camera. However, it is fair to point out that there are a lot of other cellular trail cameras out there that do have a color LCD screen.

Memory Card

SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Memory Card

To store your pictures and footage, you need a memory card. The Browning cellular trail cam supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards of up to 512GB in capacity. Its packaging includes a 32GB memory card for your convenience.

If you post the Pro Scout in a busy location the data plan probably won’t allow you to have the camera send each high resolution image or video to you throughout the course of each month. So you will probably want to buy a second memory card and swap it out from the camera from time to time. If you want a card with the highest storage capacity, the SanDisk Extreme Pro 512GB SDXC memory card is a great choice. However, if you want to save some money the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC memory card will serve most people well, despite having a lower storage capacity. You can read our article about how to find the best SD card for trail cameras if you want to know more about what to look for when shopping for memory cards.

If the memory card runs out of storage space the camera has an SD card management feature that allows it to delete the oldest photos and videos to create space for new ones. This feature needs to be enabled for it to work.


Energizer AA Lithium Batteries, World's Longest Lasting Double A Battery, Ultimate Lithium (24 Battery Count)

The Pro Scout camera is very economical on battery use. It is powered by 8AA batteries, which is fairly common, but less than the 12 batteries that some other cellular trail cameras use. For best performance and longest battery life, we suggest using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. If you are interested in learning more about which batteries are the best to use in trail cameras you should check out an article we wrote on it here.

Battery life can vary depending on the settings you choose (especially how often you want the camera to send photos) and how much activity is in the area where the camera is located, but you should expect very good battery life from this Browning trail camera.

Input for External Power Supply

If you want to leave the Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout alone for extended periods of time for uninterrupted wildlife monitoring without worrying about dead batteries, you can use an external power supply unit. The 12V DC input works great with Browning's trail camera solar panel.

Signal Strength

This hunting companion comes in two versions. One uses the AT&T network, while the other uses Verizon. You should pick the version whose network has the strongest signal strength in the area you plan on using it. In case you are wondering, no, you don’t need to have an account with AT&T or Verizon to use a trail camera the utilizes their networks. 

Image Stamp

The image stamp feature shows you the nature of the recording, making it easy to sort your photos or videos. The image stamp will show the date, time, temperature, moon phase, and camera name (name of your choosing).


The Pro Scout cellular trail camera comes with a one-year warranty that covers preexisting damages or malfunctioning. In case of any issue, you can contact Browning’s customer support for assistance with any warranty issues.

Included Accessories

Listed below are the items that come included in the Pro Scout’s packaging.

  • 32 GB Memory Card
  • Mounting Strap
  • J-TECH USB Card Reader
  • Instruction Manual


The price of Browning’s Defender Wireless Pro Scout cellular trail camera is a bit more expensive than some of the more entry-level cellular trail cameras out there. However, the price on this camera is justified when you consider the great pictures and videos the Pro Scout captures, even at night.

Other Options

Do you want to look at what other options are available? If so, you might want to check out our free Find Your Perfect Trail Camera Tool, which shows you trail camera options based on the criteria you select. Otherwise, we have picked out a couple of trail cameras, which are shown below, that we think you might be interested in.

Exodus Render 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

2023 Updated Exodus Render 4G LTE Verizon Cellular Trail Camera | Easy Setup | Fast Transmission Speeds | Control Camera Remotely | Black Flash | Free Premium App Features | 5 Year Warranty

The Exodus Render 4G LTE cellular trail camera might be more expensive than the Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout, but you are getting a lot for that extra money you spend. Not only can the Render upload pictures to you over the cellular network, like the Render, but it also has a no glow flash that the Pro Scout does not have. Plus, the 5-year warranty Exodus provides for their trail cameras is pretty much second to none. Exodus’ warranty even covers accidental damage and theft.

The Exodus Render 4G LTE uses the Verizon cellular network. There isn’t a model that uses the AT&T network, which might be a deal-breaker for some people. However, if Verizon has a strong signal where you would like to post a cellular trail camera you might want to give the Exodus Render 4G LTE a closer look. If you want to learn more details you can read our Exodus Render 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Review. Otherwise, you can see its current price here.


If you like the Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout, but wished it had a no glow flash the SPYPOINT LINK-DARK (AT&T) & SPYPOINT LINK-DARK-V (Verizon) cellular trail cameras could be just what you are looking for. With Verizon and AT&T versions of the camera (just like the Pro Scout), you will be able to find an option that works well in your area. While it has a no glow flash, a time-lapse feature, and an hours of operation timer, which are all things the Pro Scout doesn’t have, the LINK-DARK and LINK-DARK-V won’t transmit videos to the smartphone app. These SPYPOINT cameras can record 720p video, but you will need to get the videos off the LINK-DARK’s memory card to view them. We actually did a full review of the LINK-DARK & LINK-DARK-V cameras in case you want to read more about them.

So if you would like a no glow flash and are able to wait before being able to see the videos your cellular trail camera has captured you might want to check out the prices of the SPYPOINT LINK-DARK & SPYPOINT LINK-DARK-V cellular trail cameras.

Final Thoughts

The Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout cellular trail camera is a great choice. Easy to use and packed with great features, it captures high-quality photos and videos both night and day and can send you HD pictures as well as video clips. Check out the current price of both the Verizon and AT&T models today!

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