APEMAN H45 Trail Camera Review

APEMAN H45 Trail CameraHaving a trail camera that you feel like you can’t use for certain purposes can feel frustrating? This usually relates to the type of flash the camera has. If your camera has a white flash or low glow flash it will be at higher risk of being stolen if you try to use it to scout game animals on public land or if you want to use it as a security camera.

Having a flash that the human eye cannot detect is why no glow trail cameras have become increasingly popular. However, a lot of trail cameras with no glow flash are priced significantly higher and/or have fewer features than their low glow counterparts. So what should you do if you are a budget-conscious consumer or would like to buy multiple low glow trail cameras without breaking the bank?

So What Should You Do?

Luckily some trail camera manufacturers have recognized this need and have responded with trail cameras that are very affordably priced. One of the companies that have released affordably priced no glow trail cameras is APEMAN.

Introducing the APEMAN H45 Trail Camera

APEMAN H45 Trail Camera

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The super-affordable APEMAN H45 is a great choice for hunting, wildlife monitoring, farm monitoring, and home security surveillance. In addition to its no glow flash, which isn’t often found on such a budget-friendly camera, the H45 features include a 16MP camera that was recently upgraded from 12MP.

Note: If you see the camera talked about in other places and referred to as being a 12MP camera, know that they are talking about the first version of the H45 and not the current version. 

When compared to similarly priced trail cameras the APEMAN H45 will probably deliver everything you are hoping for and more.


  • Newly upgraded 16MP camera
  • No Glow IR flash
  • Easy to use
  • IP66 Waterproof casing
  • Affordable price
  • Color LCD viewing screen


  • Trigger speed could be faster
  • The company website could be better (specifically the support area)

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the APEMAN H45


This hunting and wildlife camera has great resolution and a wide ISO range. The H45 has a photo resolution of 16MP and a video resolution of 1080p respectively. The camera records Full HD videos with up to 30 frames per second allowing you to capture the target in great detail.

Its camera lens is 3.1mm, which provides great effectiveness during any shooting and photography from a range of 1m to infinity, during the day, and up to 65 feet at night.

Motion Sensors

The PIR motion sensor in the H45 can detect motion within a range of 65 feet. Combining that with its’ 90° detection angle the H45 should work well in a variety of situations.

Trigger Speed

A fast trigger speed, which refers to the time elapsed between when a camera detects heat or movement and when it captures an image or video, is what allows a trail camera to quickly capture pictures and/or videos of game animals or other subjects while they are in the field of view (FOV) of the camera. The faster the trigger speed the more likely the camera is to vividly capture multiple frames of an animal even if it is leaping or running. APEMAN lists the trigger speed for the H45 as being less than 0.5 seconds.

The trail cameras that are currently on the market come with a variety of trigger speeds. While there are cameras whose speeds are 0.3 seconds and faster, they usually come with higher price tags. For some perspective, just a few years ago there were a lot of trail cameras being sold with trigger speeds of around 1 second, and cameras with trigger speeds of less than 0.5 seconds were considered pretty fast.

So by creating a no glow trail camera that has a super competitive price to go along with a respectable trigger speed, the APEMAN H45 manages to find a balance between cost vs. performance, which makes it attractive to a larger number of people.


The H45 has no glow flash with 26pcs 940nm infrared LEDs and has a flash range of 65 feet for quality night shots.

Having a no glow flash doesn’t only mean that the flash won’t be visible to game animals, but it is also undetectable by people as well. This allows you the flexibility to use the camera in a variety of locations and in a variety of ways (including using it as a security camera) without fearing that the flash will give away the camera’s location thereby making it susceptible to theft or vandalism.

Time-Lapse Feature

The APEMAN H45 trail camera has a time-lapse feature that can be adjusted to fit your preferences from the navigation panel.

LCD Screen

The H45 has a 2.4” color LCD screen. Having a color LCD screen allows you to more easily set up the trail camera and customize the settings to your preferences. It also allows you to preview the videos and pictures that the camera has captured, which allows you to confirm that you have your camera pointed toward the correct location.

Memory Card

APEMAN recommends class 6 or faster SD/SDHC cards with up to 32GB capacity. This means that cards with a storage capacity of less than 32GB can be used with the camera, but larger capacity cards cannot be used.

That said, prices on SD cards have come down a lot over years, so we recommend that you always buy and use the largest capacity memory card that your camera can accommodate, which in this case is 32GB. That way you can leave your camera unattended for longer periods of time without worrying about your SD card becoming full.


The H45 uses 8 AA batteries. The average stand-by time for this trail camera is, which is pretty good.

Battery life can vary depending on where you post your camera and the settings you use. Trail cameras that see a lot of activity and take a lot of videos – especially at night – will go through batteries much faster than cameras that are in locations with less traffic that are set to take pictures. Remember that, as with all cameras, using inferior quality batteries will definitely lead to poor performance and possible ‘black-outs’ while shooting.

The manufacturer says that you can use rechargeable NIMH batteries with the H45, which is good to know since not all trail cameras are able to use rechargeable batteries. However, if you want to get the maximum battery life we suggest that you use some high-quality lithium batteries like the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. Click here if you want to learn more about what batteries are best for trail cameras.

Input for External Power Supply

If you really want to increase the amount of time that you can leave your camera in the field unattended you will be happy to know that an external power supply can be used with the H45. APEMAN specifies that a compatible external power supply needs to be 6V and at least 1.5A.


The APEMAN H45 trail camera is very affordably priced, which allows it to compete against entry-level priced cameras. Where the H45 distinguishes itself from the competition is with its’ well-rounded features, especially its’ no glow flash, which is often not found at this price point.

Other Options

Campark T70 Trail Camera

Campark T70 Trail Camera


We have previously done a full review of the Campark T70 and other than having a 14MP camera, as compared to the 16MP camera found on the APEMAN H45, the Campark T70 is a very comparable trail camera. Other than the 2MP difference in the cameras, which honestly isn’t that big of a difference, the Campark T70 has 44 no glow LEDs whereas the APEMAN H45 has 26 and the Campark T70 has a listed trigger speed of 0.5 seconds while the APEMAN has the trigger speed for the H45 listed as“less than 0.5 seconds”. Either way, both are no glow trail cameras that come at a very affordable price.

With both models being so similar you might find it difficult to decide which one to purchase. So you might want to check the current prices of both cameras to see if one happens to be on sale and let that help you make your decision. You can learn more about the Campark T70 and see its current price here.

Victure HC300 Trail Camera

Victure HC300 Trail Camera

If you want an affordable no glow trail camera and are willing to pay a few dollars more to gain some extra performance the Victure HC300 could be a good option for you. Priced a little higher than the APEMAN H45, the Victure HC300 boasts a 20MP camera and a 0.3 second trigger speed. We did a review of the HC300 and found it to be a very good camera.

If you happen to catch the HC300 on sale you might find that very similar in price when compared to the APEMAN H45.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an affordable no glow trail camera or maybe even multiple no glow trail cameras that won’t break your budget the APEMAN H45 is a terrific deal. However, the appeal of this upgraded H45 goes beyond its price. In addition to its no glow flash, the 16MP camera and other solid features make it a solid all-around performer.

APEMAN regularly offers sales and discounts on its website in addition to its free shipping in the USA making the H45 an even greater value. You can see the current price of the APEMAN H45 trail camera here.

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