Dargahou 4K 48MP Trail Camera Review

Dargahou 4K 48MP Trail Camera Review

Experienced trail camera users understand the frustration that comes with low-resolution images and videos, having the flash give away the location of your camera, or missing crucial shots due to a slow trigger speed. The Dargahou 4K 48MP is designed to address these issues, offering high-resolution 4K video capabilities and a no-glow flash that won’t alert wildlife, along with its fast trigger speed. Along with its other advanced features, this trail camera aims to overcome the common limitations encountered in wildlife photography and surveillance.

In this Dargahou 4K 48MP review, we’ll learn how this camera stands out in delivering crisp, clear images and videos in all light conditions. Its no-glow flash is a game-changer, providing unobtrusive night surveillance to capture wildlife in their natural behavior. So let’s explore the technical specifications, performance, and user experience of this trail camera.

Dargahou 4K 48MP Trail Camera
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Dargahou 4K 48MP Trail Camera
  • Ultra-Sharp Resolution: This backcountry camera offers HD 4K audio video and 48 megapixel images, allowing you to get up close and personal with the wildlife world and capture more detail with crisp, high-quality photos and videos.
  • Clear Night Vision Shooting:The game camera is equipped with 46 non-illuminated infrared LEDs that can capture clear black and white night images within 98 feet without disturbing the animals.
  • IP66-Waterproof & Long Battery Life: The wildlife cameras has a long working time of 6 months and IP66 waterproof performance, so you can shoot outdoors for a long time without the need to change the battery frequently.At the same time, it can also withstand various harsh weather and outdoor environments.
  • 130°Wide Angle & Concealment: This tracking game camera has a 130-degree wide-angle lens, which can monitor and shoot a wide range of fauna, with a broader field of view. Camouflage appearance design, can make the camera better can be hidden in the forest, not to disturb the animals.
  • Long Distance Fast Trigger: Hunting camera trigger time of only 0.05-0.3S, PIR distance of up to 1-98 FT,Once the moving target enters the PIR scanning range, it will trigger the camera to take pictures as fast as possible, so you won't miss any exciting moments.

Summary of the Dargahou 4K 48MP Trail Camera Review

Trail Camera - 4K 48MP Game Camera with Night Vision, 0.05s Trigger Motion Activated Hunting Camera, IP66 Waterproof, 130°Wide-Angle with 46pcs No Glow Infrared Leds for Outdoor Wildlife Monitoring.

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The Dargahou 4K 48MP trail camera is designed to address common frustrations experienced by trail camera users, such as low-resolution images and videos, visible flash, and missing shots due to slow trigger speeds. It offers high-resolution 4K video capabilities, a no-glow flash, and a fast trigger speed. This trail camera stands out in delivering clear images and videos in all light conditions, making it ideal for wildlife photography and surveillance.


  • High-resolution 4K video and 48MP picture capabilities
  • No-glow flash with an impressive 98-foot range
  • 3 PIR sensors with a 98 foot detection range
  • Customizable sensitivity levels for motion detection
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Accommodates up to 128GB memory cards
  • Versatile power options with 4 or 8 AA batteries
  • IP66 rating
  • Great price
  • Includes useful accessories


  • Uses microSD cards
  • Flash may consume a bit more power than other cameras

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the Dargahou 4K 48MP Trail Camera

Keep reading to take a deeper dive into the camera’s features and learn more about what makes this camera stand out along with any shortcomings.


Exploring the key features of this trail camera, attention is drawn to its high-resolution camera. The camera boasts a 130° field of view, providing expansive coverage of your surroundings. It offers a 48MP picture resolution with a photo burst function, enabling between 1 and 5 images to be captured every time the camera is activated. Moreover, it comes with 4K UHD video resolution complete with audio. Users can customize video recording lengths from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. In addition to the photo and video modes, it also has a photo+video mode that allows the camera to capture an image first and then proceed to record video. This trail camera’s high resolution and flexible settings make it a standout in its category.

Motion (PIR) Sensors

The camera is equipped with three Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors, offering a 120° detection angle, with a central range of 60°, and 30° on both left and right sides, and can detect motion up to 98 feet away. To further improve performance, users can adjust the sensitivity levels among high, medium, and low settings. This feature is particularly useful when the camera is stationed in a spot with frequent false triggers. In addition, the side sensors can be deactivated if needed.

The PIR sensor’s customization and large detection area truly enhance its utility for users.

Trigger Speed

As we delve deeper into the profound capabilities of this trail camera, the trigger speed stands out as another impressive trait. With a trigger speed of 0.05-0.3 seconds, this trail camera boasts a swift response time, promising a smooth and seamless capture of every fleeting moment. This feature helps to ensure that even the quickest of wildlife will not escape detection.


This camera is equipped with a No Glow flash that can extend up to an impressive 98 feet and is powered by 46pcs 940nm infrared LEDs. This feature is crucial for capturing clear and detailed images during nighttime or in low light conditions without alerting or scaring away the wildlife. On the downside, this impressive flash could consume a bit more power than some other cameras. However, the effective range and clarity it offers could very well justify any slight uptick in power consumption.

The flash on this Dargahou makes it a valuable tool, especially for those people who are anticipating a lot of nighttime activity.


The dimensions of this trail camera are 140mm X 98mm X 73mm, which is pretty compact considering its 3 PIR sensors and the 46 LEDs used for its flash. While the Dargahou game camera won’t be confused with a mini trail camera it is still small enough to blend into many environments and is easy to carry for those who have multiple trail cameras.

Time-Lapse Feature

Having made its way to many trail cameras, including the Dargahou 4K 48MP trail cam, the time-lapse feature allows the capture of images at chosen intervals, offering a powerful tool for monitoring wildlife patterns or observing environmental changes over time, or for capturing any activity that is beyond the range of the motion sensors. This strategic feature helps to give users an exceptional level of control and flexibility in their surveillance or wildlife observation pursuits.

While this feature can be very helpful, it’s critical to note that while using this feature, the PIR sensors is deactivated and cannot be triggered. Therefore, the only things that the camera will capture will be based strictly on the predefined time intervals.

Hours of Operation Timer

The Hours of Operation Timer is another distinguishing trait of this trail camera. As a valuable tool for those who may not require round-the-clock coverage, this feature allows users to specify a certain time span each day when the camera is operational. This considerably extends the camera’s battery life and helps conserve storage space on the memory card. In effect, it adds a level of customization and control, providing the option to capture only the most pertinent footage.

This feature can be particularly useful for those aiming to monitor specific wildlife patterns or secure a particular area during certain hours.

LCD Screen

The camera has a 2.0-inch color LCD screen, which is pretty typical on most full featured cameras these days. This panel provides a crisp, clear display that allows you to easily navigate through settings, review captured images and videos directly on the trail camera, and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Enhancing the functionality and ease of use of the trail camera the size of the screen is optimal as it allows you to easily use the camera, but ensures that it doesn’t increase the overall size of the device.

Memory Card

Most people who buy a trail camera that can record videos in 4K are doing so because they plan on using it to record video. After using these cameras for a while the one thing that everyone finds out really quickly is that these 4K videos take up a lot more storage space.

That is why we are pleased to report that this Dargahou trail camera accommodates microSD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards, up to a capacity of 128GB. Class 10 cards are recommended for optimal performance. Opting to go with a large-capacity card allows for extended use without the need for frequent data transfers or having to worry about the card running out of storage space. A great card for this trail camera would be the SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC memory card shown below.

SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC memory card
  • Save time with card offload speeds of up to 190MB/s powered by SanDisk QuickFlow Technology (Up to 190MB/s read speeds, engineered with proprietary technology to reach speeds beyond UHS-I 104MB/s, requires compatible devices capable of reaching such speeds. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending upon host device interface, usage conditions and other factors. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes. SanDisk QuickFlow Technology is only available for 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 400GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities. 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes and 1TB=1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less.)
  • Pair with the SanDisk Professional PRO-READER SD and microSD to achieve maximum speeds (sold separately)
  • Up to 90MB/s write speeds for fast shooting (Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending upon host device interface, usage conditions and other factors. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes.)
  • 4K and 5K UHD-ready with UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30) (Compatible device required. Full HD (1920x1080), 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), and 5K UHD (5120 X 2880) support may vary based upon host device, file attributes and other factors. See HD page on SanDisk site. UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) designates a performance option designed to support real-time video recording with UHS-enabled host devices. Video Speed Class 30 (V30), sustained video capture rate of 30MB/s, designates a performance option designed to support real-time video recording with UHS-enabled host devices. See the SD Association’s official website.)
  • Rated A2 for faster loading and in-app performance (A2 performance is 4000 read IOPS, 2000 write IOPS. Results may vary based on host device, app type and other factors)

In addition, the camera is equipped with a Loop Recording feature. If this option is selected, in the unlikely event that the memory card should become full, the system will overwrite the oldest data with newly captured images and videos once it detects that the memory card has run out of storage space. This feature ensures continuous operation without interruption due to memory constraints.

The one thing that I don’t like about this camera’s memory card capabilities is that it uses microSD cards, which are smaller than the traditional-sized SD cards. These tiny cards are easier to drop if you are handling them in cold weather and are harder to find if you drop them in the brush.

Password Protection

The password protection capability is a security feature that prevents unauthorized people from using the trail camera. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast capturing wildlife or a property owner monitoring security, the password protection feature provides an additional layer of security by preventing strangers from changing the camera’s settings or viewing pictures and videos on the trail camera’s color LCD screen.

While the password protection feature is nice to have on a trail camera don’t confuse it with preventing someone from stealing the pictures and videos the trail camera has captured. There is nothing about the password protection feature that would prevent someone from removing the memory card from the camera.


The device can operate on either 4 or 8AA batteries, giving users flexibility based on their power requirements. Obviously, opting to use 8AA batteries will allow you to leave the camera in the field for longer and as we discussed in our article about the best batteries for trail cameras lithium batteries like the Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium batteries, will give you the longest battery life and best performance, especially in cold temperatures.

Regardless of how many batteries you use to power the Dargahou 4K 48MP trail camera, the versatility in power options is a noteworthy aspect of this camera, demonstrating its adaptability to various user needs. This brings us to our next feature, which is the input for an external power source.

Input for External Power Supply

Like a lot of other trail cameras, this Dargahou comes with an input for a 6V DC external power supply. This is a great addition for those planning to use the camera for extended periods. By utilizing an external power source, such as a battery box or solar panel you can dramatically increase the amount of time you can leave the camera in the field. This is helpful not only when using the trail camera in remote areas, but also in areas where you want to keep disturbances to wildlife to a minimum.

Image Stamp

The image stamp on this camera includes the things you would expect like the date, time, temperature, moon phase, as well as a camera name of your choosing. You will have the option to turn the image stamp on or off, but I would suggest leaving it on as this feature really helps to provide a detailed context for each captured image or video, enhancing your understanding of wildlife habits in relation to environmental variables.

Included Accessories

This device comes with a bundle of handy extras to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

  • 1 – 32BG microSDHC class 10 memory card (you may want to buy a larger capacity card if you want to leave the camera unattended for long periods of time)
  • 1 – Mounting strap
  • 1 – USB cable
  • 1 – Power cable

Also included are a memory card reader and a user manual.

Areas of Use

Now that we have covered the key features and technical aspects of this trail camera, let’s talk about the ideal environments to use it in.

The  Dargahou 4K 48MP trail cam is specifically suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and researchers, this model shines in monitoring game trails, bird feeding stations, and backyard wildlife, especially if they are interested in using a trail camera to capture detailed videos. Speaking of video, this Dargahou can also be an excellent choice for surveillance of property or farmland where capturing as much detail as possible is paramount.

The IP66 rating ensures that the camera can withstand wet or damp weather conditions, making it a choice for environments like forests or mountains.

If you plan on using it in far away or remote areas you may prefer to shop for a cellular trail camera, but remember that there is the added expense of data plans for cellular trail cameras.


This Dargahou 4K 48MP trail camera is positioned in the mid-range pricesegment competing against other similarly equipped trail cameras. Its comprehensive package of features such as high resolution, password protection, external power supply, and included accessories provide substantial value. However, I have seen big discounts on this camera through Amazon, bringing it closer to the price that you would expect for entry-level models.

Overall this Dargahou trail camera is a competitively priced option for those seeking performance at an affordable price.

Other Options

Do you like the Dargahou 4K 48MP trail camera but just want to look at what other options are available, or are you looking for a trail camera with some different features? If so, you might want to shop for trail cameras on our site where you can use our tool that allows you to search for trail cameras based on the criteria you select. Then you can read reviews for these cameras and buy them if they meet your needs.


This Dargahou trail camera is a terrific piece of equipment. Not only do its 4K and 48MP capabilities along with its no glow flash make it stand out from much of the competition, but its long list of other features and impressive specs make it an attractive choice for outdoor enthusiasts and property owners alike.

It is a worthy consideration for anyone seeking a robust and reliable outdoor camera at an affordable price.

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