TOGUARD H45 Trail Camera Review

Trail camera users know that all too often you can end up feeling frustrated if you don’t have your trail camera set up just perfectly. One common frustration is when it doesn’t capture any pictures or video even though you know something came through the area. Another frustration comes from checking your trail camera only to find that the batteries are dead and the memory card is filled with a bunch of videos and pictures with nothing in them.

If you are looking for an affordable trail camera that will help eliminate these frustrations the TOGUARD H45 could be what you are looking for.

Toguard H45 Trail 14MP 1080P Wildlife Hunting Game Camera

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Why Do So Many Trail Cameras Take Empty Pictures Or Not Take Any Pictures At All?

When you are placing a trail camera by a food plot or another large open you want it to captures pictures and/or video covering as much of the space as you can. However, all too often something comes through the area and the camera doesn’t trigger (not taking any pictures or recording any video).

This can happen for 3 reasons:

  • The trail camera doesn’t have a wide angle lens.
  • The motion sensor doesn’t detect at a wide enough angle.
  • The trail camera doesn’t detect motion far enough away.

How Can This Be Fixed?

TOGUARD has addressed this issue in 3 important ways with the H45 trail camera.

  • 120° Wide Angle Camera Lens
  • 120° Wide Motion Detection Range
  • Gave the camera a 0.3 second Trigger Speed, which means that 0.5 seconds after motion is detected the camera is told the capture the image.

Then there are those pictures and videos with nothing in them or maybe even worse pictures and videos with the subject barely visible on the edge of the image, which can happen in almost any environment you decide to place your trail camera in.

This can happen for 2 reasons:

  • The subject is moving quickly (perhaps on the edge of the detection range or edge of where the camera lens can capture it) and the camera doesn’t take a picture fast enough.
  • There was a false trigger. This can happen to all trail cameras and has to do with how and where you set them up. You can read more about how to avoid false triggers here.

How Can This Be Addressed?

TOGUARD has addressed this issue in 2 important ways with the H45 Trail Camera.

  • They gave the camera a 0.3 second Trigger Speed, which means that 0.3 seconds after motion is detected the camera is ready to capture the image.
  • They gave the H45 a motion sensor with customizable settings to help avoid false triggers

Introducing the TOGUARD H45 Trail Camera

Toguard H45 Trail 14MP 1080P Wildlife Hunting Game Camera

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The TOGUARD H45 trail camera is currently our highest rated Low Glow trail camera from TOGUARD as well as its’ best performer. TOGUARD is a relatively newer company that has tried to position itself as a company that offers trail cameras with strong features at affordable prices.

With H45 model TOGUARD addresses the need many people have for a trail camera that has the ability to detect and capture images and videos at a wider angle.


  • 14MP Camera with 120° wide angle camera lens
  • 1080p video recording with audio
  • 3 Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensors that give the camera a 120° wide detection angle
  • Fast 0.3 second trigger speed
  • Great price


  • A little larger than some other trail cameras
  • Detection range only rated for 75 feet
  • Uses microSD card
  • User manual could be better

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the TOGUARD H45


The TOGUARD H45 is able to capture 14MP pictures and record full HD 1080p video, which is very very good. You can find trail cameras that can capture higher resolution pictures and videos, but you will have a hard time finding that at a better price.

The H45 also has a wide-angle camera lens with 120° field of view. This feature is becoming more common these days, but nevertheless, it is still a valuable feature to have.

Motion Sensors

The TOGUARD H45 has a solid 75 foot detection range and a super wide 120° detection angle, which is much wider than the approximate 45° detection angle that is traditionally offered on the majority of trail cameras. The combination of the H45’s detection range with the wide detection angle makes it extremely difficult for anything to come in front of your camera without being detected.

Another great thing about the H45 is that the motion detector has 3 adjustable sensitivity levels (High/Normal/Low). Having different sensitivity settings is a fantastic feature because it allows you to account for the unique area you are setting your camera up in, which can help the trail camera avoid getting a bunch of false triggers. If you want to learn more about false triggers and how to avoid them you can read our article on how to prevent your trail camera from having false triggers.

Trigger Speed

The TOGUARD H45 has a very fast trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, which will make it very hard for anything that triggers your camera to move fast enough to avoid being captured in pictures or video. This fast trigger speed combined with the wide-angle lens and wide detection angle will make it very difficult for anything that comes near this camera to avoid being detected.


The H45 has 42 low glow infrared LEDs. With a range of 75 feet, it should be able to satisfy most people’s needs.

If you are looking to use the camera for security purposes or plan on posting it on public land and want to keep its location concealed you might prefer a trail camera with no glow flash. However, the flash on this unit should do very well for most people.

LCD Screen

What really puts the TOGUARD H45 trail camera over the top are all of the features you wouldn’t necessarily expect in such an affordable trail camera. One of those features is the 2.4” color LCD screen that can aid you as you set up the camera and will allow you to preview pictures in the field.

While you don’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing pictures in the field as you want to avoid spooking game animals there will certainly be those times when you will want to use the color LCD screen and will feel thankful you have it.

Memory Card

It is pretty common these days for trail cameras to accommodate memory cards up to 32GB, with some trail cameras being able to accommodate memory cards with even larger capacities.

Most trail cameras use the standard (larger) size SD cards. The TOGUARD H45 uses the smaller microSD memory cards up to 32GB capacity.

Some people might have a hard time getting them in and out of the camera while they are in the field. This struggle can be more pronounced when it is cold outside and you are trying to remove the card with cold fingers.

If you are unsure about the differences between SD cards and microSD cards you can learn about them by reading our article that talks about the different types of memory cards that are available.


The affordable price of the TOGUARD H45 is a selling point all by itself. Then its’ value only increases when you consider all of the top of the line features along with the fact that this trail camera can monitor almost as much area as 3 traditional cameras.

Other Options

Campark T45 Trail Camera

 Campark T45A Upgrade Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Hunting Game CameraCampark T45A-GREEN Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Night V

The affordable Campark T45 is the cousin if not the outright twin of the TOGUARD H45. The specs and looks for the Campark T45 are pretty much identical to the H45. There are two differences worth noting between the two trail cameras. The first is that the Campark T45 is listed as having a 65 foot range, which is 10 feet less than the H45. The second difference is that the Campark T45 comes with either an Autumn Yellow or Spring Green camo exterior, both of which you might prefer over the green exterior that is offered on the TOGUARD.

You can check the current sale price of the Campark T45 here.

Moultrie P-120i Trail Camera

Moultrie P-120i Game Camera | P-Series | 21 MP | 0.5 S Trigger Speed | 1080p Video | Compatible with Moultrie Mobile (sold separately)

If you are willing to jump up in price the Moultrie P-120i offers the same 120° detection angle as the TOGUARD H45. However, the P-120i justifies its’ higher price by offering NO GLOW flash and a 20MP camera, which is something the TOGUARD doesn’t offer.

APEMAN H68 Trail Camera


APEMAN H68 Trail Camera


Usually priced a few dollars more than the TOGUARD H45 the APEMAN H68 is another value-priced trail camera with 3 motion sensors that offer a 120° detection angle. The APEMAN H68 only offers a 12MP camera as compared to the 14MP camera on the TOGUARD. However, the 130° field of view on the H68’s wide-angle lens is larger than the 120° offered on the TOGUARD H45 and helps to ensure that if something on the edge of the detection range triggers the trail camera it will have a higher probability of being in the image that the camera captures.

Final Thoughts

The TOGUARD H45 trail camera is fantastic at helping to end the frustration of missing out on capturing images in wide or open spaces as well as helping to minimize the chances of getting pictures and videos with nothing in them. With its’ 120° wide detection angle and 120° field of view with its’ wide-angle lens, the H45 can cover close to 3 times the ground as many traditional trail cameras. This makes the task of setting the trail camera up in those more open areas much easier and less stressful.

You can learn more about the TOGUARD H45 here.

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