Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera Review

Sometimes when you find the place you want to monitor with a trail camera it is fraught with problems or worries like:  Will the trail camera spook deer or other game animals? Will the camera get stolen or vandalized?

You also need to consider how much will it cost to check the trail camera. If you post the trail camera in a remote location it could cost a small fortune in travel expenses to regularly check trail cameras in remote places. But if you don’t check it you never know if your camera is working properly, or if you’re even getting any pictures at all! If you decide to get around this problem by getting a cellular trail camera you will need to figure out which cellular network has the strongest signal in the area you are thinking of posting the camera and then make sure that the camera you buy can connect to that network.

The Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera is the perfect solution for these problems and more. It allows you to check your camera from anywhere, anytime for a very affordable price.

Introducing the Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera

TACTACAM Reveal XB Cellular Trail Camera, No Glow - Verizon & AT&T

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The Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera is a versatile and innovative trail camera that has a lot of features. It has dual network capabilities, so you can choose if you want the camera to connect to the AT&T or Verizon cellular network. The camera also has a no glow flash that keeps the camera’s location hidden at night. There are also lots of other adjustable features that make this camera very versatile.

This review will take a look at the main features of the camera and how it compares to other trail cameras on the market.


  • 24MP pictures
  • HD video resolution
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No glow flash
  • 80+ foot flash range
  • 80+ foot detection range
  • Sub 1/2 second trigger speed
  • Web Portal
  • Compact size
  • Can operate on ATT or Verizon nationwide LTE/4G Networks (SIM card change required)
  • Integrated GPS offers camera location tracking
  • IP66 Weatherproof rated
  • Great price
  • Customer service is both good and quick


    • User manual could be better

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera


If having superb image quality is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with XB. The Reveal XB’s camera has a 60° field of view and delivers impressive 24MP pictures. It comes equipped with a multi-shot photo burst setting that allows you to capture up to 3 pictures each time the camera is triggered.

Not all cellular trail cameras record video. Out of those that do some won’t record video in full HD. So if you like to have your trail cameras record video like I do you will be pleased to know that the XB captures crisp video in up to 1080p resolution.

There are two capture modes on this camera, photo mode, and photo+video mode. In photo mode, you can capture one or three photos, depending on how many you select. In photo+video mode, the camera will capture pictures before recording a video.

Smartphone App and Built-In WiFi

The free Tactacam Reveal app is a vital part of setting up the camera, managing its settings, and viewing its pictures and videos. You can find it in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

After using the app to set up your account and register your camera, you can easily configure the camera for use in the field. The REVEAL XB comes with its own WiFi, so you can use the app on your smartphone to connect to the camera and set it up. This is a unique idea that you won’t see on other trail cameras right now. It really does assist with the camera’s setup as it helps you easily aim the camera at the precise location you want to monitor. You can see how this technology works on the XB’s cousin, the REVEAL X, in the video below.

Once you have the camera set up and in the field, you will use the app for more than viewing pictures and videos. It can also be used to tweak the camera’s settings if you need to. The camera can be set to check for settings updates that you have made through the app either instantly or daily, but you want to remember that the instant setting uses more battery life. The app also allows you to select how often you want the camera to send pictures- either instantly, every 12 hours, or every 24 hours with more frequent transmissions using more battery life.

You’re not restricted to using the Reveal app on your smartphone – you can also log into the Web Portal on your computer to manage your account and view your pictures and videos as you would in the app.

We’re big fans of the Reveal app, thanks to its user-friendly interface and rich variety of features. While it is fair to point out that the apps from some rival brands like SPYPOINT and Moultrie might have some fancier filters and let you look for activity patterns based on things such as weather conditions or the time of day, the Tactacam REVEAL app works well and gets the job done.

Data Plan

The Tactacam REVEAL XB can operate on both the ATT and Verizon nationwide 4G networks. The XB comes with Verizon and AT&T SIM cards, so you can choose which network you want to use. All you need to do is insert the SIM card for the network you want to use into the camera. The prices of Tactacams data plans are very affordable and remain the same regardless of which network you use.

By default, you’ll receive low-resolution images from the camera, which helps reduce data usage and keeps the cost of each data plan lower. If you want to receive a high-resolution copy of certain images, you can purchase a package of HD image downloads from Tactacam for a slight extra charge. The price of these HD image downloads can be seen in the chart below.

As far as videos go, they are automatically saved to the camera’s memory card. While the option to download video clips is not included in any of Tactacm’s data plans, going out to physically retrieve the memory card from the XB isn’t the only option for you to view the videos the XB has captured. Similar to what Tactcam has done with HD images in their data plans, they offer packages of high-resolution video downloads for a very reasonable price.

Here are the data plans for the Tactacam Reveal XB Camera.

Tactacam’s Verizon & AT&T Prepaid Data Plans

PlanNumber of PhotosCost Per Month if Paid MonthlyCost Per Month if Paid Annually
Starter Plan250$5

Add additional camera for $5 per month.
$55 Yearly
$4.58 a Month (8.3% Savings)

Add additional camera for $55 per year.
Intermediate Plan500$8

Add additional camera for $7.50 per month.
$85 Yearly
$7.08 a Month (11.5% Savings)

Add additional camera for $75 per year.
Pro PlanUnlimited$13

Add additional camera for $12 per month.
$120 Yearly
$10 a Month (23% Savings)

Add additional camera for $96 per year.
  • No Activation Fees for Any Plan
  • High resolution image transfers are not included with any of the plans, but you can purchase a package of 50 HD image downloads for $5.
  • High resolution video transfers are not included with any of the plans, but you can purchase a package of 50 HD video downloads for $5.

Motion (PIR) Sensor

The Reveal XB is equipped with one motion sensor with a 45° detection angle. Its detection range is genuinely impressive at 80+ feet– longer than many trail cameras.

While it works just fine for most situations, but it is fair to point out that there are some other rival trail cameras out there with wider detection angles and in some cases more PIR sensors. That said, unless you have no idea where the activity you want to monitor will be, you should be just fine with the XB’s detection angle.

The XB’s PIR sensor has adjustable sensitivity with an amazing nine settings, allowing you to truly customize the PIR sensor for the camera surroundings helping to minimize any false triggers. Many trail cameras don’t have an adjustable motion sensor and even fewer have 9 settings!

Trigger Speed

Coming in at less than 0.5-seconds the trigger speed on the REVEAL XB is about average to a little better than average for trail camera these days.

While the trigger speed isn’t the fastest it pairs nicely with the camera’s 60° field of view, which being wider than the XB’s 45° detection angle, pretty much ensures that anything that triggers the camera will be captured in pictures or video.


One of the most exciting features of the Tactacam REVEAL XB cellular trail camera is its no glow flash. Not only is no glow flash something that you don’t see on a lot of cellular trail cameras, but its 80+ foot flash range is longer than what most trail cameras offer today especially for cameras with no glow flash.

The no glow flash on this camera is useful for all kinds of situations. It helps keep the camera’s location secret and it ensures that the camera doesn’t scare away the animals it is monitoring.

The flash has High and Low settings allowing you to control the brightness of the IR emitters and customize the flash for the setting where the camera is in, which can be a big help. I usually like to leave the setting on high. However, if the camera is placed in an area where it is capturing a lot of activity very close to the camera the deer or other animals that you are monitoring will look washed out and turning the flash to the low setting can really help.

To further help you capture clear images at night, Tactacam equipped the REVEAL XB with a Night Mode setting. With Night Mode, you can choose between the Minimum Blur option, which has a faster shutter speed to minimize blur, but the flash won’t illuminate as far. There is also a Max Range setting that will extend the camera’s range at night, but moving objects will appear more blurry. The Balanced setting is usually the best option since it offers a good compromise between the other two settings.


Physically, the Reveal XB offers no size advantage compared to its predecessor Reveal X. The Tactacam Reveal XB measures 5.47 x 13 x 3.62 inches which is impressively compact considering it squeezes in a large number of batteries inside its case without being bulky. This compact size enables it to remain unnoticed in the wild.

Time-Lapse Feature

The time-lapse feature that is found on many trail cameras can be helpful for monitoring areas beyond the range of the PIR sensor(s), or for documenting slow natural processes.

Personally, I am not a big fan of taking time-lapse photos with cellular trail cameras since they use too much data to send all those extra pictures, many of which have nothing of note in them anyway. Also, the more the camera connects to the cellular network to transmit pictures the faster the batteries get drained. So I am not disappointed to learn that the Tactacam REVEAL XB doesn’t have a time-lapse feature.

While the time-lapse feature is found on the majority of traditional trail cameras these days there are a lot of trail cellular trail cameras out there that don’t have this feature. If you need a cellular trail camera with the time-lapse feature you may want to check out our Find Your Perfect Trail Camera Tool, which allows you to sort through cameras according to features. While time-lapse isn’t currently one of our sortable criteria you can narrow down the list of cameras according to other features and then check our reviews (if a cellular trail camera has time-lapse we will mention it).

Hours of Operation Timer

The Hours of Operation Timer, or as Tactacam calls it, the “work timer,” is a terrific feature that allows you to select a specific time period each day when the camera operates. We love the flexibility of not having to leave your camera running 24 hours a day, which allows you to save on storage space, battery life, and data plan charges.

LCD Screen

Although the REVEAL XB doesn’t have an LCD screen, it doesn’t need one. As we discussed earlier, you can do everything from setting up the camera to updating its settings by simply accessing the free Tactacam app. In addition, the lack of an LCD screen helps keep the cost of the camera down and allows it to remain compact in size.

Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC UHS-I Card (SDSDXXG-032G-GN4IN)

Even though this camera connects to cellular networks it still needs a memory card to store captured images and videos. The REVEAL XB uses SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB in capacity. Class 10 U3 cards are required for best performance.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC memory card is an excellent choice for this camera.

Reveal XB offers loop recording, which overwrites old files on the memory card with newly captured videos and images when the card is out of storage space. As always, remember to format your memory card before using it in the camera for the first time.

We have written an article about SD cards if you want to do some research about SD cards for trail cameras.

Password Protection

The Reveal XB has no password protection, but similar to its not having a color LCD screen the XB doesn’t need a password protection feature.

If you’re worried someone could access the camera via the WiFi signal, don’t panic. The only people who can access your camera via WiFi need to be using the REVEAL app that is logged into your account.


Energizer AA Batteries, Ultimate Lithium Double A Battery, 24 Count

The REVEAL XB is powered by 12 AA batteries. Depending on which type of batteries you use and the settings you select battery life can vary. However, you should expect some pretty good battery life overall with the XB able to take 2500+ pictures with alkaline batteries. It does even better, when you switch to lithium batteries, taking an impressive 4000+ pictures.

Tactacam states that you can use high-quality lithium, alkaline, or NiMH rechargeable batteries to power the REVEAL XB. However, you should know that depending on the camera’s settings and how much video recording it does at night, alkaline batteries may not be able to deliver enough power for the camera’s flash to perform at optimal levels at night, which is even more true in cold temperatures. For maximum battery life and top performance – especially in cold weather – Tactacam recommends using Energizer AA Lithium batteries and we agree

When it’s time to replace the batteries, remove the battery tray from its slot, load it with new batteries and reinsert it, you’ll be done within minutes and get out of the woods fast.

Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • 24 Pack of Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries
  • Leak proof construction protects the devices you love (based on standard use)
  • Powers your most critical devices ideal for your smart home devices, outdoor surveillance systems, digital cameras, and handheld games
  • Holds power up to 25 years in storage for trustworthy backup energy, so you’re always prepared. Warning: Risk of fire. Battery can explode or leak and cause injury if installed backwards, disassembled, charged, crushed, mixed with used or other battery types, or exposed to fire or high temperature
  • Performs in extreme temperatures, from -40F to 140° F, for year round, indoor and outdoor use

Input for External Power Supply

It is worth noting that all cellular trail cameras, even the more efficient ones, are heavy consumers of battery power compared to their non-cellular counterparts. This heavy battery usage is because they need to connect to cellular networks for image and video transmission.

So if you want to leave the Reveal XB unattended for as long as possible you will be happy to know that it has an input for a 2A, 12V external power supply. This gives you the option to pair the XB with Tactam’s solar panel that comes with a lithium rechargeable battery.

Image Stamp

The image stamp on the Tactacam REVEAL XB cellular trail camera includes the date, time, temperature, and moon phase.

Included Accessories

Apart from the camera, here’s what you’ll find in the Reveal XB packaging:

  • 1 – Antenna
  • 1 – Verizon & AT&T SIM Cards
  • 1 – Mounting Strap
  • Instruction Manual

The camera comes with two 1/4″ threaded tripod attachments on the bottom and back for added flexibility on where you can post the camera. However, unlike some other cameras, the XB doesn’t include a threaded camera mount. But you can find inexpensive tree camera mounts or holders on Amazon if you want to mount your camera from an elevated position or at an angle.

Areas of Use

A versatile all-rounder, the Reveal XB is a solid investment. Not only can you place it in remote areas that you don’t want or cant’ get to on a regular basis, but its no glow flash allows it to keep its location hidden at night making it a great choice for use as a security camera as well as for monitoring deer or other game animals on both public and private hunting land.


The Tactacam REVEAL XB effectively combines a solid design, affordable data plans, and an impressive set of features. Priced to be competitive with other similarly equipped cellular trail cameras the XB is a great value and a sound investment.

Then when you compare its affordable data plans to those of its competitors, you’ll find that your total out-of-pocket expenses over time for this camera remains very low.

Other Options

Tactacam REVEAL X Cellular Trail Camera (vs. REVEAL XB)

Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera

If you’re a fan of the REVEAL XB but don’t need the no-glow flash function, and you wish it had a longer flash and detection range, then the Tactacam REVEAL X might be a better fit for you. The REVEAL X boasts an impressive 96+ foot flash and detection range, compared to the 80+ foot range found on the XB.

Since the REVEAL X is the predecessor to the XB, it is only natural that the REVEAL XB might have a few advantages over the X. The XB’s advantages include a 24MP camera, the ability to request video from the app, and a built-in GPS to help you locate the camera. Perhaps the biggest advantage the XB has is being able to run on both AT&T and Verizon cellular networks, while you need to choose the version of the REVEAL X that works with the network you want to use.

The Tactacam REVEAL X is a fantastic camera. We did a review of the REVEAL X if you want to read more about it. Otherwise, you can click the following links to check the current price of the Verizon and AT&T versions of the Tactacam REVEAL X.

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Final Thoughts

The powerhouse Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera fits a dizzying array of exceptional features into its compact body at a price that’s a steal. If you are looking cellular camera with no glow flash camera, built-in GPS, and the ability to use both AT&T and Verizon cellular networks the XB is hard to beat.

You can check the current price of the Tactacam REVEAL XB here.

Tactacam REVEAL XB Cellular Trail Camera
  • CELLULAR FUNCTIONS: On-board Wi-Fi connects to app for simple set-up and live view option with instant image capture | Reveal XB can operate on ATT or Verizon nationwide LTE/4G Networks (SIM change required) | LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level
  • ULTIMATE REMOTE SCOUTING TOOL: Tactacam’s REVEAL XB Cellular Camera is the ultimate remote scouting tool. The camera is ideal for locations with limited access or to put on your hunting properties. Start seeing the action as it’s happening even when you’re not in the woods!
  • POWERFUL: The REVEAL XB Cellular Camera is not only small and discreet, but powerful enough to handle the extreme outdoor weather. Watch the magic unfold right before your very eyes. Achieving your goal has never been so simple.
  • CAMERA FEATURES: LTE / 4G Wireless Multi Carrier Module | 24MP/ 16MP/ 12MP/ 8MP Photos | Image on Demand with HD photo download request from app (additional data charges may apply) | HD video requests from app (additional data charges may apply) | No Glow IR Technology
  • ADVANCED TECH: Adjustable No Glow Night Illumination at 80+ft Detect animals with PIR at 80+ft Integrated GPS offers camera location tracking Requires 12 AA Batteries External Port for Solar Panel IP66 Waterproof Certified One Year Warranty In-house Customer Service USA developed and supported app


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