Vikeri 4K Trail Camera Review

Vikeri 4K trail Camera

As 4K technology becomes more prevalent in other devices like TVs, computer monitors, and smartphones, it is only natural that users would want to take advantage of this technology in their trail cameras as well.  With the higher resolution offered by 4K cameras, users can zoom in on images without losing quality, making it easier to identify specific animals or observe other details of their surroundings.

Unfortunately, when the first 4K trail cameras were released they usually came with higher price tags and the models that were more affordable were often lacking popular features like no glow flash.

That is why we were excited to take a look at the Vikeri 4K trail camera. Not only does it record 4K video, but it offers a lot of other higher-end features like no glow flash and does it all for a very affordable price. So keep reading while we take a closer look at the Vikeri 4K trail camera.

Introducing the Vikeri 4K Trail Camera

Vikeri 4K Trail Camera

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The popular Vikeri 4K trail camera can not only capture videos in stunning 4K detail, but it also boasts a no glow flash and quick motion detection with a wide detection angle. That combined with lots of other customizable features and settings makes this trail camera super versatile.


  • 4K video recording
  • 32MP high resolution pictures
  • No glow flash
  • Fast 0.1 second trigger speed
  • 3 PIR sensors
  • 1 – 32GB SDHC memory card included
  • 4 – AA alkaline batteries included
  • IP66 weatherproof


  • Customer service isn’t as responsive as some other manufacturers

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the Vikeri 4K Trail Camera


One of the standout features of the Vikeri 4K trail camera is its 120° field of view, which allows for a wide coverage area, which makes it perfect for those who like to place their cameras in places where it needs to capture a wide view of an area. Like most other cameras these days this trail camera offers photo mode, video mode, and photo + video mode, which is my favorite.

The camera captures great images with a resolution of up to 32MP. The photo burst or photo series setting, as Vikeri calls it, allows you to capture 1, 2, 3, or even 10 pictures each time the camera is triggered.

In addition to its high-resolution photos, as its’ name implies, the Vikeri 4K can record 3840x2160p 4K videos. If you don’t need as much detail and want to save storage space on your memory card you can opt to record 2688x1520p videos at 20fps or one of the other lower-resolution settings.

Motion (PIR) Sensor

The Vikeri 4K trail camera is equipped with three PIR sensors that work together to provide a combined detection angle of 120°. The center sensor has a 60° detection angle, while the left and right side sensors each have a 30° detection angle.

In addition to the wide detection angle, the Vikeri 4K trail camera also boasts an impressive 80-foot detection range. It also offers adjustable sensitivity settings for its PIR sensors with High, Middle, and Low sensitivity levels, allowing you to customize the camera’s performance based on your specific needs and preferences. You also have the option to disable the side PIR sensors if needed.

The adjustable sensitivity settings and the option to disable side motion sensors further enhance the camera’s versatility, ensuring that it can be customized to suit a wide range of applications.

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed is a crucial aspect of any trail camera, as it determines the amount of time elapsed from when the camera first detects motion until it captures a picture or video of what created the motion. In the case of the Vikeri 4K trail camera, one of its most notable features is its swift 0.1-second trigger speed allows for minimal delay between detection and image capture, ensuring that users don’t miss any important moments or sightings.


The no glow flash on the Vikeri is another great selling point for the camera as it provides you with clear and detailed nighttime images without alerting humans or wildlife to its presence. Its 40pcs 940nm infrared LEDs give it a flash range of 80 feet, which is longer than many other trail cameras with no glow flash.

Time-Lapse Feature

The time-lapse feature on the Vikeri 4K trail camera works by automatically snapping images at user-selected intervals. This technology, which is found on most modern trail cameras, enables users to observe a full day’s worth of activity in just a matter of minutes.

Using the time-lapse feature on the Vikeri 4K trail camera can be particularly helpful for monitoring large areas, such as greenfields or expansive properties, where the activity is beyond the range of the camera’s motion sensors, or where it is difficult to predict where wildlife will enter or exit. By capturing images at regular intervals, users can gain valuable insights into animal behavior and movement patterns, ultimately improving their chances of spotting rare or elusive wildlife.

Hours of Operation Timer

The hours of operation timer, or target recording time feature as Vikeri calls it, allows users to customize the period during which the camera can be triggered to capture events. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to focus on monitoring an area during specific times of the day or night when wildlife is most active, ensuring that they don’t miss any important moments.

LCD Screen

The Vikeri 4K trail camera’s 2.4-inch color LCD screen allows users to easily navigate through the camera’s settings and view captured images and videos directly on the device.

The 2.4-inch screen size is as large as you can find on current trail cameras. It strikes a balance between portability and usability, making it easy to carry the camera in the field while still providing a comfortable viewing experience.

Memory Card

SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, SD Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

A 32GB SDHC card is included with the camera, but users may choose to upgrade to a larger capacity card, especially if they plan on recording a lot of 4K video. The Vikeri 4K trail camera supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards with a maximum capacity of 256GB.

A 256GB card can cost more than a lot of people want to spend on a memory card for a trail camera. My advice would be to go with the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC memory card, which is priced significantly less. These cards provide ample storage space for high-resolution images and videos captured by the camera, even if you leave it unattended for extended periods of time.
As always remember to format an SD card before using it in the camera for the first time. This advice also applies to the memory card that is included with the camera. You can read our article on SD cards for trail cameras if you want to learn more.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC memory card
154,937 Reviews
SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC memory card
  • This version has been discontinued by manufacturer
  • Shot speeds up to 90MB/s, transfer speeds up to 170MB/s [requires a compatible device capable of reaching such speeds, such as the SanDisk SD UHS I card reader (sold separately)].
  • Based on internal testing; Performance may be lower depending upon host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors 1MB=1,000,000 bytes; X = 150KB/sec
  • Perfect for shooting 4K UHD video and sequential burst mode photography, Full HD (1920x1080) and 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) video support may vary based upon host device, file attributes and other factors
  • Capture uninterrupted video with UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and video Speed Class 30 (V30)(2) | (2) V30, sustained video capture rate of 30MB/s, & U3 designate a performance option designed to support real-time video recording w/ UHS enabled host devices.

Password Protection

Like many modern trail cameras, the Vikeri 4K has a password protection feature that allows you to create a unique 4-character combination of your choosing. Once the password is created and the feature is enabled the password will be required for anyone to access the camera’s settings and view the captured images and videos.


Energizer AA Batteries, Ultimate Lithium Double A Battery, 24 Count

The Vikeri 4K trail camera can be powered by either 4 or 8 AA batteries. However, by using 8 AA batteries, users can effectively double the battery life, allowing the camera to operate for longer periods without needing a battery replacement.

With the ability to last 180 days in standby mode, the camera is pretty energy efficient. If you want to get maximum performance and the longest battery life even in cold weather we suggest using 8 Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium batteries. We have an article about the best batteries for trail cameras if you want to learn more about this topic.

Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • 24 Pack of Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries
  • Leak proof construction protects the devices you love (based on standard use)
  • Powers your most critical devices ideal for your smart home devices, outdoor surveillance systems, digital cameras, and handheld games
  • Holds power up to 25 years in storage for trustworthy backup energy, so you’re always prepared. Warning: Risk of fire. Battery can explode or leak and cause injury if installed backwards, disassembled, charged, crushed, mixed with used or other battery types, or exposed to fire or high temperature
  • Performs in extreme temperatures, from -40F to 140° F, for year round, indoor and outdoor use

Input for External Power Supply

The Vikeri 4K trail camera is equipped with an input for a 6V 1.5A external power supply. This allows users to connect the camera to a variety of external power sources, such as solar power packs or battery power packs, all of which can dramatically extend the amount of time you can leave the camera in the field. The ability to use an external power supply makes the Vikeri 4K trail camera a versatile and reliable choice for those who need a trail camera that can handle long-term surveillance of wildlife without frequent battery changes.

Image Stamp

The image stamp on the camera includes essential details about when each picture or video was taken. It includes the date, time, temperature, and moon phase. This information can help users track animal behavior patterns, helping you to better understand the seasonality of animal movements as well as the effect weather conditions have on animal activity.

For those who prefer not to have this additional information on their photos, the Vikeri 4K trail camera gives you the option to turn off the image stamp feature. This allows users to capture images without any overlaying text or symbols, providing a clean and unobstructed view of the wildlife being photographed.

Included Accessories

The Vikeri 4K comes with several included items that make it easy to get the camera set up and running.

  • 1 – 32GB SDHC memory card
  • 4 – Alkaline batteries
  • 1 – Mounting Strap
  • 1 – User Manual
  • 1 – micro USB cable
  • 1 – Mounting bracket
  • 3 – Mounting screws

Areas of Use

With its no glow flash and ability to capture amazingly detailed 4K video and 32MP pictures, the Vikeri 4K trail camera is perfect for a wide range of applications, including wildlife observation, hunting, home security, and farm monitoring. The camera’s wide field of view makes sure that you get a comprehensive view of the area you are monitoring and its no glow flash makes it ideal for situations where you want the camera’s location to remain concealed at night.

All this being said, there may be some situations where the Vikeri 4K trail camera might not be the best choice. One such situation would be if you require immediate notification of activity in the area the camera is monitoring. In that case, you might want to consider getting a cellular trail camera.


The Vikeri 4K trail camera strikes a balance between high-quality features and affordability. Considering its capabilities, such as 4K video resolution, 32MP image quality, and powerful 40 no-glow LEDs for night vision, it is clear that it provides excellent value for the money. When you compare it to other similarly equipped trail cameras on the market, the Vikeri 4K stands out as a competitively priced option.

Other Options

Do you want to look at what other options are available? If so, you might want to check out our free Find Your Perfect Trail Camera Tool, which shows you trail camera options based on the criteria you select. Otherwise, if you like the Vikeri 4K, but are just wondering about what other good 4K trail camera options might be out there, we have identified some other great options for you, which are shown below.

Campark TC06 Trail Camera

If you don’t need a camera with low glow flash and are willing to spend a bit more money, the Campark TC06 trail camera is a great 4K trail camera. Not only does it take 60MP pictures and record amazing 4K videos, but it has a dual-lens design that allows it to take color photos and videos in low light conditions at night with its Starlight night vision technology. The Campark TC06 has a 0.1 second trigger speed and a 120° detection range. It also supports Bluetooth and WiFi connections and can be controlled by an app on your phone.

You can read our Campark TC06 review if you want to learn more details about the camera. Otherwise, you can see its current price here.

Stealth Cam DS4K 4K Trail Camera

Stealth Cam DS4K Infrared Camera HD

Other than the Vikeri 4K, the Stealth Cam DS4K is one of the few 4K trail cameras with a no glow flash. The differences between these cameras include:

– The Stealth Cam DS4K has a 30 MP photo resolution compared to the Vikeri’s 32 MP.
– The Stealth Cam DS4K has a faster trigger speed of less than 0.4 seconds compared to the Vikeri’s 0.1 second trigger speed.
– The Stealth Cam DS4K has a longer flash range of 100 feet** compared to the Vikeri’s 80 foot range.
– The Stealth Cam has dual image sensors (one optimized for daytime and the other optimized for nighttime).

We did a full review of the DS4K if you want to read more about it. Otherwise, you can check its current price here.

Final Thoughts

The Vikeri 4K No Glow Trail Camera is a great option for anyone looking to take advantage of 4K technology in their trail camera. With its no glow flash, high-resolution video recording, and low price tag, it is an ideal choice for those who want to observe the outdoors in the highest quality. Plus, its budget-friendly price tag means that the Vikeri 4K can even be an option for people who are looking to buy multiple trail cameras. This is a trail cam that is worthy of all the attention it is receiving.

Vikeri 4K No Glow Trail Camera
3,595 Reviews
Vikeri 4K No Glow Trail Camera
  • Ultra-clear pictures and videos - This trail camera can support up to 4K video and 32MP pictures. The powerful 40 no glow LEDs make the images at night clearly visible. With the speaker, the video is more vivid, Restore the real scene of the scene.
  • 0.1 s Trigger Time - The game camera can take pictures within 0.1 second of detecting motion, and you can set four shooting times from 1-3, 10 to ensure fast and accurate capture of fast-moving objects, fast, Accurate and reliable hunting camera.
  • IP66 waterproof and dustproof - Vikeri 4K trail game camera with excellent quality use strict materials and rigorous workmanship ensures that the camera can maintain normal operation under harsh conditions. Long standby time, up to 180 days. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and can work normally from -22 °F to 158 °F, excellent quality can be used in a variety of environments, such as deserts, rainforests, etc.
  • Wide range detection - This camera can detect and capture pictures or videos with a wide angle of 120°. The motion detection module can detect motion at a distance of up to 80ft, and the non-light LEDs can provide enough light source at 80ft. With the combination of the two, the camera can take clear photos or videos at long distances to achieve the effect of comprehensive monitoring.
  • Easy to Install and Operate - Using the newer bracket is easier to fix than traditional brackets, and the detailed and comprehensive instructions allow you to get started quickly with this camera. Ultra-high concealment, No glow LED plus ambient color pattern. A variety of application scenarios, such as wildlife observation and hunting, home/property security, and farm monitoring, to capture interesting, unexpected images.

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