APEMAN H55 Trail Camera Review

There are a lot of affordable trail camera options out there, but it is exceedingly rare to find models that have no glow flash while still being affordable. Sometimes low glow flash simply doesn’t meet a person’s needs, which usually means that you need to choose between doing without no glow flash or spending a lot more money to get what you want.

Luckily there have been a few trail cameras that have come on the scene lately that have been offering no glow flash without a huge increase in price. The APEMAN H55 is one of these trail cameras.

Introducing the APEMAN H55 Trail Camera

APEMAN H55 Trail Camera

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The updated APEMAN H55 is a great option to choose if you want to get a powerful game camera at a relatively modest price. With its no glow flash this trail camera is very versatile and can serve individuals who want to monitor wildlife without scaring away animals. It can also be used for home security and property surveillance. It can also capture up to 9 photos per motion detection. So let’s delve into the APEMAN H55 Review. Read on!


  • 20MP camera
  • 1080p video recording with audio
  • It has photo+video mode
  • No glow flash
  • Time-lapse feature
  • 2″ color viewing screen
  • Easy to use
  • Great price


  • Flash and detection ranges might not be long enough for some users

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the APEMAN H55 Trail Camera


The Apeman H55 trail camera captures impressive 20MP photos and records videos in up to 1080p resolution with audio. The camera allows you to avoid having to choose between having capture pictures or videos by having a photo+video mode that allows it to take a picture and then begin to record a video.

Motion (PIR) Sensor

The motion sensor on the H55 has a 90-degree detection angle and a 60-foot detection range. The motion sensor sensitivity is also adjustable ranging from low, middle, and high settings. Having this adjustable sensitivity is a great bonus as it makes the camera more versatile by allowing you to place it in locations where the camera may tend to get false triggers and allows you to address these false triggers by turning down the motion sensor’s sensitivity setting.

Trigger Speed

The camera has a fast trigger speed of 0.5 seconds , which is about average these days and about what you would expect at the H55’s price point. That said, just a few years ago you would pay a lot more money to get a trail camera with a 0.5 second trigger speed so the camera isn’t slow. Then when combined with its short recovery time, the APEMAN H55 very quick overall.

Having a trail camera with a fast trigger speed helps to make sure it will not miss any action, even if it is trying to capture a fast-moving object or a game animal that only enters the very edge of the camera’s detection area.


The H55 uses 40pc 940nm no glow infrared LEDs that don’t produce any visible light that could spook animals or give away the camera’s location. The no glow flash has a range of 65 feet and makes the Apeman H55 very unique since most similarly priced trail cameras only offer low glow flash.

Time-Lapse Feature

APEMAN also equipped this camera with a time-lapse feature that turns off PIR the sensor and has the camera take pictures at time intervals that you specify. This is a great feature if you want to monitor an area that is beyond the camera’s detection range.

The time-lapse feature is also helpful if you have the camera set up in an area that has a lot of false triggers. That said before you give up on the false triggers and enable the time-lapse feature you should try to turn down the sensitivity setting on the motion sensor or read our article about Tips to Prevent Trail Cameras From Having False Triggers.

LCD Screen

The H55 trail camera is equipped with a 2.0 inch TFT LCD color screen that lets the user easily set up the camera, change the camera’s settings in the field, and preview videos and photos. Most cameras these days have LCD screens. So by including an LCD screen on the H55, APEMAN is keeping up with the competition.

Memory Card

SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC UHS-I Memory Card - 90MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, SD Card - SDSDUNR-032G-GN6IN

The camera uses SDHC high capacity memory cards with a capacity of up to 32GB. APEMAN recommends that you buy Class 6 or higher memory cards. We suggest using the SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC memory card.

Password Protection

Apeman H55 has a password protection feature that you can enable to prevent unwanted people from using the trail camera or changing its settings.


The H55 is powered by 8 AA batteries. APEMAN recommends using Energizer 1.5V AA lithium or alkaline batteries. While alkaline batteries can certainly be used to power the trail camera, if you want maximum performance and longest battery life – especially in colder weather – we suggest using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. If you want to learn why lithium batteries are the better choice you can read our article on the Best Batteries For Trail Cameras.

The use of rechargeable batteries with this camera is not recommended and may cause some functions of the camera to be temporarily unavailable.

Input for External Power Supply

The APEMAN H55 can accommodate a 6V external power supply with at least 2.0A and a plug size of 3.5mm × 1.35mm.

Image Stamp

The camera stamps photos and videos with information such as date, time, moon phase, and temperature with an option of either Fahrenheit or Celsius. By using the image stamp information you can discover patterns of activity that occur at certain times or during certain weather conditions.

Included Accessories

The following items are included in the packaging with the camera:

  • One mounting belt
  • One wall mount
  • 1 USB cable
  • Instruction manual

Areas of Use

With its no glow flash the APEMAN H55 becomes a very versatile trail camera. Not only can you use it to track game animals on private land, but you can feel confident using it on public land or as a security camera where you want to keep the camera’s location hidden.

Really the only things that some people might want to add to this camera is a wider detection angle with 3 motions sensors, WiFi connectivity, or cellular capabilities.


Priced a bit more than entry-level trail cameras the H55 offers no glow flash and several other features that you might not expect at its price point. In fact, this APEMAN camera performs at a level that is higher than what its price would suggest making it a very good value.

Other Options

Victure HC300 Trail Camera

Victure HC300 Trail Camera

When comparing the Victure HC300 to the APEMAN H55 you will notice that they are very similar trail cameras. Upon closer inspection of their specs, you will notice that the Victure HC300 has a faster trigger speed of 0.3 seconds compared to the 0.5 second trigger speed on the H55. You will also notice that the Victure HC300 uses 38 no glow LEDs compared to the 40 that you will find on the APEMAN. In the end, if you are happy with one of these trail cameras you will probably be happy with the other. They are often priced exactly the same so it might be worth your time to check the prices on both and let that help you decide which one to get.

You can read the full review we did on the Victure HC300 trail camera if you want to learn more. Otherwise, you can check out the current price of the Victure HC300 here.

Meidase S3 Trail Camera

Meidase S3 Trail Camera
If you like the APEMAN H55, but wished you could improve a few of the specs to the next level the Meidase S3 trail camera could be just what you are looking for. The Meidase S3 has a significantly faster trigger speed of 0.1 second. It also has 3 adjustable PIR sensors that give it a 120-degree detection angle. In addition, the S3 has longer flash and detection ranges of 100 and 82 feet respectively. Typically priced just a few dollars more than the APEMAN, the S3 offers a noticeable step up in performance for a minimal increase in price.

We did a full review of the Meidase S3 trail camera if that you can read if you are interested. Otherwise, you can check the current price of the S3 here.

Final Thoughts

The APEMAN H55 trail camera captures high-quality photos and videos, has great night-time performance with its no glow flash, and has a lot of pros at a very reasonable price. The H55 is easy to use and isn’t too bulky. It is ideal to track wildlife movement on public or private land, or discover who has been walking through their yard.

If you want an affordable no glow trail camera that gives you more than you expect, the H55 is a great choice. You can check the current price here.

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