GardePro E8 Trail Camera Review

If you don’t need a cellular trail camera, but want to use a trail camera for security purposes or to monitor game animals on public land most people will want a camera with no glow flash and wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and WiFi) that can be used in multiple settings.

The GardePro E8 trail camera has these features and more making it a popular choice among hunters, property owners, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Let’s take a look at what makes the GardePro E8 stand out from other trail cameras on the market and see if it is a good fit for you as well.

Summary of GardePro E8 Review

GardePro E8 Trail Camera


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With the GardePro E8, you aren’t just getting a trail camera that has WiFi and Bluetooth to go along with a no glow flash, you are also getting a camera that has a very good picture quality and is packed with other features, including IP weatherproofing, that have been proven to help the camera adapt to almost any environment.


  • No glow flash
  • Wireless connectivity with built-in Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Captures high-resolution 32MP pictures and 1296p videos
  • Super fast 0.1 second trigger speed
  • 3 PIR sensors
  • Wide 120° detection angle
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • One year warranty


  • 1296p video is captured at 20fps
  • The 70° field of view (FOV) should be just fine, but some cameras offer a wider FOV

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Review of Key Features and Benefits of the GardePro E8 Trail Camera


The camera has a resolution of 32MP for photos and its photo burst setting allows you to capture anywhere from 1 to 5 photos when the camera is triggered.

It can shoot 1296p videos @ 20 frames per second (fps) or if you have a lot of fast-moving action by the cameras you can opt for 1080p @ 30fps. You can read our article about frame rates if you want to learn more. The E8 also has a photo+video mode, where it takes a picture and then records video each time the camera is triggered. This is a nice little feature that will diversify what you are capturing and in fact, it is the mode I prefer to use on trail cameras that offer it.

The camera has a 70° field of view (FOV) with distortion correction. It is fair to point out that there are some other cameras out there with a wider field of view, but the FOV on the E8 is just fine. The key is that it is wider than the center PIR sensor, which we will talk about in a minute, and that the camera has a quick trigger speed. Sometimes cameras with slow trigger speeds will try to make up for this shortcoming by having a wider field of view to make sure that the camera still captures everything within its detection area.

In addition to the standard photo and video modes, the E8 also has a photo+video mode, where it takes a photo before recording a video. This feature will boost the diversity of your recordings and is something we look for in cameras these days.

Built-In WiFi and App Control

The GardePro Mobile app will allow you to safely connect to the camera from a distance to access its pictures, videos, and settings thanks to the E8’s built-in Bluetooth and WiFi. The app is free and is available for both IOS and Android devices.

There are a couple of misconceptions about the E8 and all trail cameras with Bluetooth and WiFi. One misconception some people have about the E8 is that it can connect to your existing WiFi networks. That is not true. The camera creates its own WiFi connection that other devices can use to connect to it, but it doesn’t connect to other wireless networks or the internet. Another misconception is that the camera can send messages or pictures to your smartphone. Cameras like the E8 are not designed to send pictures, videos, or messages since they aren’t designed to connect to the internet. If you need a camera that can send you pictures or video you will need to look at getting a cellular trail camera, which will have a higher price tag.

While some people have reported being able to connect to the E8 from even longer distances, GardePro listed the range for the E8 as approximately 33-feet and 45-feet for Bluetooth and WiFi, respectively. However, results will vary depending on the environment the camera is placed in. Its external antenna helps to ensure a strong, stable connection and reduces the chances of becoming disconnected.

Connecting to the camera is a quick and simple process:

Step 1 – Connect to the camera using its Bluetooth signal: You first need to connect your device to the E8 via Bluetooth.

Step 2 – Activate the camera: Once the Bluetooth connection is established you will be able to turn its WiFi signal on.

Step 3 – Find the E8’s WiFi signal: After the camera’s WiFi signal has been turned on you will use your device to search for available WiFi signals to find the camera’s signal.

Step 4 – Connecting to the camera’s WiFi signal: When you see the E8’s WiFi signal you will want to select it and connect to the camera. After connecting to the WiFi signal you will have full access to the camera’s pictures, videos, and settings.

Motion (PIR) Sensors

The E8 has 3 PIR sensors, giving it a total combined detection angle of 120°. The main sensor is located in the center and has a 60° detection angle. On each side of the main motion sensor is a secondary sensor, each with a 30° angle, which is how the camera gets its wide 120° detection angle. These sensors have a 90-foot detection range which is farther than the majority of trail cameras. The wide detection angle paired with the long detection range gives the E8 a huge detection area.

If you end up placing the camera in an area where you are struggling with it getting unwanted triggers you will be happy to know that it has adjustable sensitivity settings for the sensors with three different settings (high/medium/low), and as with most cameras with three motion sensors, you have the option to turn off the side sensors, which is helpful if the camera is placed in a location where having such a wide detection angle causes it to have false triggers.

Trigger Speed

The E8 has a 0.1-second trigger speed. This makes it one of the fastest trigger speeds in the industry. Thanks to the combination of its 3 PIR sensors, which help to quicken the trigger speed, and its long detection range it is nearly impossible for animals, or anything else, to zoom by the camera’s field of view without being detected.

Recovery Time

Recovery speed, or recovery time, refers to the amount of time it takes for a camera to be ready to take another picture after it has captured the first one. As you might imagine, slow recovery speeds can be frustrating and can lead to lots of missed photos and videos.

Many manufacturers don’t list the recovery times for their trail cameras, which goes back several years when the recovery time on a lot of cameras wasn’t that good, but thankfully GardePro lists this information. The recovery speed for the E8 is a fast 0.5 seconds, which is a great combination with its super-quick trigger speed.


The E8 also has 36-pcs 940nm no glow infrared LEDs that provide great illumination while ensuring that the camera remains invisible in the darkness to keep its location hidden (unlike trail cameras with low glow flash that cause the front of the camera to glow red). Its long 100-foot flash range and no glow flash make this camera an ideal choice for use as a security camera or to monitor animals on public hunting land.

The flash of this camera is one of the really attractive features that help to set it apart from the competition.


The GardePro E8 trail camera measures 5.6 x 4.2 x 2.4 inches. Given all of its features including its 3 PIR sensors and color LCD screen, which we have yet to cover, the E8 is surprisingly compact and its dimensions compare well against similarly equipped cameras in its class.

Time-Lapse Feature

Turning on the time-lapse feature can be helpful if you want the trail camera to capture images at predetermined time intervals of your choosing. These time intervals can range from 2 seconds to 24 hours or anywhere in between.

Using the time-lapse feature is great for documenting slow-moving natural processes like a flower blooming. It can also allow you to monitor an area that is well beyond the camera’s detection range. However, it should be pointed out that as with most trail cameras with the time-lapse feature, turning it on disables the PIR sensors. In other words, you’ll need to choose between getting pictures at the time-lapse intervals you selected or capturing pictures or videos when the motion sensors are triggered.

Hours of Operation Timer

An hours of operation timer is something that is becoming more and more common on trail cameras. It is intended for people who only need the trail camera to keep an eye on the area it is placed in for only a certain part of each day.

If you enable this feature on the GardePro E8 you will be able to limit the camera to only taking pictures and videos between the hours you choose. Not only will this feature keep you from having to sort through a bunch of pictures and videos you don’t want, or care about, but it will also provide you with the added benefits of saving storage space on your memory card and helping to conserve the batteries.

LCD Screen

This trail camera has a 2.4-inch color LCD screen where you can view pictures and videos as well as help to adjust the settings of the camera. The color LCD screen makes the initial setup of the camera quick and easy plus allows you to preview your files without having to carry around an extra memory card reader or viewer.

However, once you are all set up, you won’t need to use the screen much at all and you won’t really need to bring an extra memory card or card reader with you when you go check the camera since you can view your images and videos as well as change the camera’s settings on your smartphone via the GardePro Mobile app.

Memory Card

SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, SD Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

The E8’s memory card slot can accommodate SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards up to a maximum capacity of up to 512GB. Using Class 10 cards is suggested. If you are looking for a great memory card for this camera we recommend the SanDisk Extreme Pro 512GB SDXC memory card. While the 512GB card is a great choice especially if you put the camera in a busy place and don’t plan on checking it very often it can be a little too expensive for some people, which is is why you may want to consider the smaller and less expensive SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC memory card or the 32GB version of the card. Whichever memory card you select you should format your card before using it in the camera. If you want to learn more about memory cards you can read our article about the Best SD Cards for Trail Cameras.

If you go for a smaller capacity card and are worried about it running out of storage space you will be happy to know that the E8 also offers Loop Recording, which if selected will cause the oldest files to be overwritten with new captured pictures and videos when the SD card becomes full.

Password Protection

The ability to set a password on the camera is a great way to restrict access to its features. This is especially important if you are using the camera for security purposes or public hunting land and you don’t want just anyone to be able to adjust the camera’s settings or be able to preview pictures and videos. You simply go into the E8’s settings and create a four-digit password of your choosing. Then once it is enabled, anytime you use the camera in the future, you will be prompted to key in the password before accessing the settings.


Energizer AA Batteries, Ultimate Lithium Double A Battery, 24 Count

You should expect pretty good battery life from the GardePro E8 as is evidenced by it ability to last for up to up to 8 months in stand by on one set of batteries. That said, battery life can vary depending on where you post your camera the settings you use. Trail cameras that see a lot of activity and take a lot of videos – especially at night – will go through batteries much faster than cameras that are in locations with less traffic that are set to take pictures. Remember that, as with all cameras, using inferior quality batteries will definitely lead to poor performance and possible ‘black-outs’ while shooting at night.

The E8 is powered by 8 AA batteries. For the best performance and longest battery life GardePro recommends using Energizer AA Lithium batteries and we agree. If you are wondering why we recommend Lithium batteries and would like to learn more you can read our article Best Batteries for Trail Cameras.

Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • 24 Pack of Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries
  • Leak proof construction protects the devices you love (based on standard use)
  • Powers your most critical devices ideal for your smart home devices, outdoor surveillance systems, digital cameras, and handheld games
  • Holds power up to 25 years in storage for trustworthy backup energy, so you’re always prepared. Warning: Risk of fire. Battery can explode or leak and cause injury if installed backwards, disassembled, charged, crushed, mixed with used or other battery types, or exposed to fire or high temperature
  • Performs in extreme temperatures, from -40F to 140° F, for year round, indoor and outdoor use

Input for External Power Supply

Like we said in our article about How Often Should You Check Your Trail Camera, it is to your benefit if you aren’t constantly checking on your trail camera because you are worried that the batteries might be getting low.

If you don’t want to worry about battery life with the E8 it is good to know that it has an input to accommodate an external power supply. If you want to use an external power supply with this camera you will need a 12V power supply unit with a plug that measures 5.5 x 2.1mm.

If you are like me part of the attraction of wireless trail cameras is the ability to post them in elevated positions and not needing to bring a ladder with you every time you check them. However, if you need to replace the batteries you will still need to climb up to physically access the camera. That is why pairing the E8 with a solar panel or other external power sources is such an attractive idea. Using an external power source in combination with a wireless trail camera can literally help you keep your feet on the ground until such time that you want to move the camera to a different location.

If you are interested in looking for a solar panel to pair with the GardePro E8 Amazon sells lots of solar panels for trail cameras.

Image Stamp

The date, time, temperature, moon phase, and camera name are all included on the image stamp with the E8. GardePro allows you to give the camera a unique 4 character name, which, when you have multiple trail cameras, can be a huge help as you try to identify the location when viewing photos and videos.

The info strip can be turned off (the default is on), but unless you are using the camera strictly for nature photography you are probably going to want to leave it on.

Included Accessories

The following items are included in the E8’s packaging.

  • 1 – Mounting Strap
  • 1 – Mini-USB Cord
  • 1 – Instruction Manual
  • 1 – External Antenna – Since having the external antenna be attached to the camera would increase the size of the packaging you will need to attach it to the camera. Thankfully, it is very easy to attach.

While it doesn’t come with a threaded mounting tripod, unlike some other trail cameras out there, it does have a ¼-inch tripod socket, which gives you another way to mount the camera. If you own multiple trail cameras you may have a threaded mounting tripod lying around already. Otherwise, you can find many inexpensive tree camera mounts or holders on Amazon, which will give you another great option for mounting the camera, especially if you want to mount it from an elevated position and angle the camera downward.

Areas of Use

Thanks to its 3 PIR sensors with adjustable sensitivity levels, wide detection angle, no glow flash, and the ability to connect to the camera via WiFi and Bluetooth the GardePro E8 has a wide variety of uses.

The most obvious application for this camera would be to use it to monitor the wildlife, but the E8 is an ideal camera for someone who wants to use it for security, home, or farm monitoring.

Plus, as we referenced earlier, being able to connect to the camera from a distance allows you to place the trail camera in elevated or other hard-to-reach places without having to worry about having to remember bringing a ladder or other equipment every time you want to check the camera.


The E8 trail camera is a great choice for hunters who want a high-quality, feature-rich camera, but who don’t necessarily need a cellular connection. It has a high-quality lens, a wide detection angle, and a fast trigger speed. Then when you consider that it is also a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled camera, along with having no glow flash with a long-range, it is a bargain when compared to other similarly equipped cameras.

Other Options

GardePro E6 Trail Camera

GardePro E6 Trail Camera WiFi 24MP 1296P Game Camera with No Glow Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof for Wildlife Deer Scouting Hunting or Property Security, Camo

If you like the E8, but wish it cost a little bit less the GardePro E6 is probably a great option to consider if you are willing to make a few compromises. These compromises include a no glow flash with a 75-foot flash range, 1 PIR sensor (instead of 3) with a 70° detection angle and a 75-foot detection range, and a 0.5-second trigger speed. On the other hand, the camera on the E6 has a wider 110° field of view than the 70° FOV that is found on the E8, which helps to make up for the E6’s slower trigger speed.

We did a full review of the E6 and thought it was a good performer. If you don’t require all of the range and speed of the E8, saving some money and going with E6 could be a good decision. You can see the current price of her GardePro E6 here.

Campark T85 Trail Camera

Campark T85 WiFi Bluetooth 20MP 1296P Trail Hunting Camera

Typically priced lower than the GardePro E6, the Campark T85 trail camera Campark T85 trail camera, with its Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, is a great blend of performance and value. While it has Bluetooth, WiFi, no glow flash, and 3 PIR sensors like the E6, the Campark T85’s trigger speed is slightly slower and has shorter flash and detection ranges (65-feet) than the E8. The camera on the T85 only takes 20MP pictures compared to the 32-megapixel pictures offered on the E8. However, the T85’s boast a wider 80° FOV and can take 1296p videos @ 30 frames per second (fps) compared to the 20 fps offered on the E8. In the end, if you don’t need the longer flash and detection range offered on the E8 the Campark T85 is an excellent choice.

You can read our review of the T85 if you want to learn more. Otherwise, you can check its current sale price here.

Campark T200 4K Trail Camera

 Campark T200 Solar Panel Trail Camera 30MP 4K Native WiFi Bluetooth Game Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof Wildlife Camera

If you like the idea of a trail camera with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, but want a trail camera that offers the best possible video recording and don’t want to worry about dead batteries, the Campark T200 could be the perfect option for you. While the T200 only offers a low glow flash and both its flash and detection ranges are 65-feet what it does have is exceedingly rare. It can record 4K videos @30fps and has a built-in solar panel so you can leave the camera unattended as long as you needed. While the T200 often costs a few dollars more than the GardePro E8, what you will save over time on batteries will more than makeup for any price difference.

If you want to learn more about the T200 you can read our review. You can see its current sale price here.

Final Thoughts

Among the most versatile and full-featured trail cameras on the market, the IP66 rated GardePro E8 comes equipped with no glow flash, wide detection angle, blazing-fast trigger speed, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. With its high-end features, the E8 will give you professional-grade results and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly camera for your future hunts or you’re just looking for a reliable replacement for your old camera, the GardePro E8 is one to consider. You can check the current price of the GardePro E8 here.

GardePro E8 No Glow Trail Camera with Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Innovative Wi-Fi Connection: Connect to your camera with ease using super low-power consumption Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Our free and easy-to-use GardePro Mobile app lets you operate your Wi-Fi camera without any monthly fees or the need for a remote control. Just stay within the Wi-Fi signal range.
  • Strong and Reliable Signal: The E8 camera is equipped with an antenna for a stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi signal, reducing the chances of disconnection and ensuring high-speed transmission between your mobile phone and camera.
  • Smooth and Compact Videos: Record smooth H.264 1296p or 1080p videos with sound. Our compact H.264 files require 80% less storage space than conventional MJPEG avi videos used in other game cameras, allowing you to preview videos and pictures seamlessly without having to download them first.
  • Brilliant Night Vision: The E8’s enhanced 940nm infrared technology makes your camera more stealthy, while its adaptive illumination technology prevents overexposure or underexposure, delivering brilliant night vision up to 100ft.
  • Stunning Still Images and More: Capture up to 32MP pictures with our starlight-level optical lens, cutting-edge image sensor, and well-tuned image technology. Our all-new housing design is IP66 waterproof, and our 3 motion detection zones deliver ultra-fast 0.1s motion detection.

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